Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Prayer Helps

So, I went to bed Monday night instead of staying up and got up at three so I could be in to work by 4:30/5:00, but I had such a headache, that I went back to bed until 4 and then made it to work by 5:45. It was a crazy day.

I finished the report for the variance review conference call about an hour before the call and got it sent out to everyone via email. Then, at 10:30, we had a fire drill so I managed that and reported in the all-clear. Right after that was the conference call. I was so nervous! This was my first time running the call with the Sr. VP and all of his Directors. I was the peon (is that how you spell that?) on the call. But, I felt okay after it was done and later I found out that Paul (the SVP) told Steve (my boss) that I had done an excellent job and he was very impressed with my work, the effort I make, etc. I was elated.

After that call, I led a training on Business Recovery planning in the event of a bird-flu pandemic, and then I had a conference call on Third Party Issuance transaction costing. Sounds fun, eh? Luckily, I quickly determined that I really didn't need to be on the call and so I was able to do some other work while I just listened and learned. Sure, I do costing in my job, but this particular one had nothing to do with the ones I do. So, I don't have to be in on that call anymore!

The rest of the afternoon I spent working on creating new reports for Paul to support the variance report and then I met C for dinner at Firebirds, one of our favorite restaurants. Yummy, as always. The night ended early as I was exhausted so we went to bed.

My experience regarding God's touch in my life today is regarding prayer. It's so very simple, but sometimes simple is the most meaningful. I was so incredibly nervous for that variance review call today. I really wanted to show Paul that I know what I'm doing and I'm just as good (at least) as Sheri (the girl whose job responsibilities I recently added to my own). A few minutes before Steve came into my office for the call, I said a soft prayer to ask for Heavenly Father's help in leading this call and making the right impression. I truly know that that prayer settled the knot and butterflies in my stomach and helped my mind to be open and my tongue managed. I feel so bad though because I fell asleep last night without thanking my Father in Heaven for his help!

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