Sunday, May 25, 2008

ANOTHER New Temple for Arizona!

So exciting!!! Yesterday, President Monson announced a third new temple for Arizona. This one is to be located in "Phoenix" which who knows where that will be...but we are definitely hoping for Surprise!

There is a piece of land down the road about 2 or 3 miles that from what I've heard since I moved out here, has been set aside for a temple when the time was right. It's a large piece of land with palm trees lining all four sides of the property - kind of similar to the Mesa temple and the palms it has.

If it were to be there, I would go every week. I love going to the temple. The peace I feel there is so wonderful and I am so GRATEFUL to be able to go there. Clint made it very well known before we got married that we had to always pay our tithing so we could hold temple recommends. I am so GRATEFUL that he is like that. My previous marriage was not like that at all and I think we struggled a lot because of it.

We desperately need a temple on this side of town. There is so much growth out here and our little ward, although landlocked, just keeps growing, as does our stake! We have 11 wards and 2 branches in our stake. I wonder when they'll finally split the stake.

I'm sure in the next couple of weeks, they will announce the actual location of the new temple. Please pray that it's near us in the west valley (or at least in the north valley!)

5/26/08 - UPDATE! We have heard through a "reliable source" (I don't know the source, but it's been deemed reliable) that the location of the new temple is going to be 51st Ave and Pinnacle Peak Road in North Phoenix. That is good news! Although....I truly would love it to be just down the street at Reems and Waddell (where the palm trees are that I mentioned) - it's only 1.75 miles away! But, the Pinnacle Peak location is good too. We can make it there in about 25 minutes from home or about 10 minutes from work! That is so awesome!!!!! We'll still wait for the "official" announcement from the church, but right now, we are just so GRATEFUL that we will have a new temple near us within about the next 2 years! It won't go fast enough!

5/26/08 - UPDATE #2! When talking with Jennifer tonight, we were telling her about the temple announcement and we asked her to ask Jason, her brother-in-law, who works in the audit department for the Church, to find out where the location officially was. She called him right away and called us right back. He said that there are 4-5 locations that are currently under consideration and no official decision has been made yet and due to his position, he would know if there had been. So...who knows?!?!? Our desired location may still be under consideration!


Cindy said...

This is sooooo exciting. I can't wait to find out where it will be. No matter where, it's a temple and that means the work is going forward!

Casey Lu said...

Oh I can't wait for it to be on this side of the valley!!!! I can't wait to get to go!!!!