Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Is Your Refrigerator Running?

C: (sleeping)
K: (opening bedroom doors and walking into bedroom)
C: mmmm.....mmmm
K: honey, wake up.
C: what? (in his gruff 'what?' voice)
K: the fridge isn't cooling. everything is melting, soft, or thawing.
C: mmmm.....
K: there's a weird clicking, and it's not cooling.
C: i'll take a look at it tomorrow.....mmmm

Yeah, that's the latest in our house. That was the "conversation" on Tuesday night around 10 pm. I'd gotten home from work just a little bit before that (it's budget time so I'm working longer hours this week and next) and I went to get me a porkchop, that C had grilled, out of the fridge. I noticed water leaking out of the water & ice doo-hickey on the front of the fridge. I opened it up and the food had frost on it and was thawing! What the heck?

I went in to C to tell him. That didn't help much...he was asleep and when he falls asleep like that, there's no getting him up until his timer goes off and says you HAVE to get up. So, of course, off to Google and Dad. GREAT. Actually, NOT great. It appears that either the condensor is bad or temperature relay. So, off to the Whirlpool website to find a factory authorized repair company. After much grief with their telephone IVR, I determined I would have to wait. This company obviously doesn't realize that people's fridges go dead at night and need service quickly. So, I would have to wait until I got to work to call it in....

K: what? you can't get someone out until tomorrow?
Whirlpool Rep (WR): no, ma'am.
K: what am i supposed to do with all my food? it's going to go bad.
WR: i don't know. i've never had anyone ask me that before. (SERIOUSLY??)

So, 3 garbage bags out to the trash can later, food stuffed into 3 ice chests, the guy from Reliance Appliance (cool name) will be here today, "sometime" between 1 and 5. I'm sure he'll probably give me the worst news possible...that it would be better to just buy a new fridge....but I'm holding out for some good news. I mean, this fridge is only 7 years old. I bought it when I built the house. It was brand new. I seriously do NOT want to have to shell out another $1700-$2000 right now!

Taylor...any prayers available to help us today? Yours always work.


Leslie said...

Hey you, my husband and I created my background with some scrapbook stuff we found on line that's what we came up with. I'm always wanting something different so that's what we have for now.

Cindy said...

Oh my heck! I think they need 24/7 repairs for fridges at no additional cost! This isn't like a washer or lawn mower or oven. It is a FRIDGE!