Sunday, September 14, 2008

M&Ms - Miracles and More

So I'm still not super keen on teaching Primary (luckily, C teaches the lesson each week - I just get to wrangle the kids), but today was our primary program and our kids did amazingly well. On Friday night we had our program practice and the kids (all of them - not just ours) were just crazy. They just couldn't sit still. It took forever to go through the program. I thought it would never end. Luckily, Sister Lundberg had brought some M&Ms and that helped tide them over until we were done. Finally, it was over and C and I headed off for some din-din at IHOP. Had a yummy spinach and romaine salad with chicken, tomatoes, bacon, and honey mustard dressing.

Today though, was a different story. After the Sacrament, the kids all came up to the stand and quickly found their seats. They were all very reverant - even all 12 Sunbeams - for the most part anyway. We had learned on Friday that the M&Ms work miracles so C picked some up yesterday at work. They worked great today too! About 1/2 way through the program, the kids started to get ants in their pants so C pulled out a few candies just before the kids were to go to the podium to say their parts. Then, the other Sunbeam class headed up, did their parts, and then it was our kids' turn. Each one of them got up and said their part just great and headed back. We greeted each one of them with a smile and a hug of excitement and pride. They were so excited that they had done their part. Even little Jackson was all smiles. It was great.

We still had two hours left to manage them, but overall, the day was alright. We ended up having another little girl join our class for the first time so we had 7 kids there today. Just one short. I have a huge fear that they will ask us to take on the other Sunbeams until they can find a teacher. Oh my...I would have to come home and take a Valium if we did that!

C put a brisket in the oven this morning before we left and it smelled really good when we got home. It was nice to be able to eat right when we got home and it tasted great. We spent a little time together while we ate and we watched Mr. Bean's Holiday which we'd DVRed when we had free Cinemax last weekend. It was fun to just laugh. It's a totally lame movie that sometimes is slow in certain parts, but there are some really funny parts too that we just laughed our heads off at. Check it out.

Came in and finally fixed the cutter although I wasted about 4-5 feet of vinyl doing it. Hallelujah though...I can finally cut! Played Excel instructor for Lisa and her friend Rhonda over the phone and via Remote Assistance. That was a hoot.

Super Saturday count down:
  • 5 days to go
  • 75 pieces of glass block
  • 125 holes to be drilled in the glass block (thanks Uncle Ward!)
  • 123 pieces of ceramic tile
  • 13 Anchor Hocking baking dishes + 23 other names for people bring their own dishes
  • 35 glass picture plates
  • 132 wooden knobs for the FHE boards
  • 225 yards of ribbon
  • 150 feet of vinyl
and a partridge in a pear tree. Not really, but I thought I'd throw it in for good measure. I WILL be playing Christmas music that day!


Leslie said...

I want my name done. Sounds like your pretty busy.

Lisa Tucker said...

Thanks so much for your help today. Can't wait to help with Super Saturday. It will be fun. Love your entry. I always loved Primary. The Sunbeams especially! They are so cute so tender. In there molding stages of learning about the gospel. I love it when I taught Sunbeams.

Cindy said...

The Primary Program was one of the highlights for me every year. I will truly miss being a part of it this year. Okay--SS sounds amazing.

Jennifer said...

I totally think it is so hard on teachers the day of the primary program. You have the kids for the whole church block. And SS on top of that. You are the bomb! Blessings are in store for you!

Cindy said...

How do you do the etched glass baking dishes? I showed our hfpe leader your hfpe blog and she loved all your ideas and asked me to ask you how to do the etching. Thanks.

Jodi said...

We also had our primary program and they had a little sunbeam girl sing the 1st verse of I am a child of God. It had most of the moms in tears. I also had a bag of M&M for my class during the program, but it was to get them to sing. I have the 6-7 years olds.