Sunday, September 21, 2008

Super Saturday is Done!

Oh what a great day! LONG, but good. My left foot is incredibly sore from hurting it last night, but I'll live, I'm sure. Here are the pics from the day (I look absolutely horrible)...thank you to EVERYONE that helped make the day a success. I truly love and appreciate you!
I decided it would be best to have a sign-in table this year where everyone checks in and picks up their kits. That way, pieces to kits aren't walking off and I can ensure everyone got exactly what they paid for. It worked REALLY well and I would highly recommend doing it to any HFPE Leader in charge of Super Saturday.

Georgette Munson was the leader of the Swarovski crystal rings project. Aren't these darling!?!? Not a lot of people signed up for them, but once they saw them, they loved them. Luckily, Georgette brought extras.
We also made these beautiful ancestry picture plates. Lyn and John Bigley seemed to be the pros at it, but Catia Fuller's also turned out beautifully as did these others.

We made these beautiful glass block nativity sets too. We ran into a little problem with the light strands, but we worked it out eventually. Hint...make sure your lights either are single-strand without connectors on both ends or that your holes are big enough for the connectors!

We also made these very cute Family Home Evening boards. Holly looks very happy with hers!

And, one of the other projects was the etched dishes. I was so worried that these wouldn't turn out, but everyone's did - that I know of, anyway. Everyone was so happy to see their names in the bottom of their dishes! Here are the Bigleys and Natasha and her daughter with theirs.

I even had a visit from one of our Primary kids - Olivia. She was such the ham. She was sitting on my lap and she pulled my top out a bit, looked down my blouse, and says "Sister Binson, you're sexy!" I cracked up and couldn't stop laughing! When I told her mom what she had said, she was horrified, but laughed just the same.

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