Monday, February 16, 2009

The $2 Bill

One of the most special things I got for my 40th birthday was this:

I'll bet that 98 out of 100 kids ages 10-18 nowadays don't even believe it's real or have ever seen one.

It's a $2 bill from my Aunts Mary and Viola. Since I was a child, they have sent me one of these each year (other than a couple years when I was a brat and childish (as an adult, no less)). I had completely forgotten about it until today when out of the clear blue this card showed up. What a special memory to have today. Although they were never able to spend our birthdays with us, they always made us feel special and they always remembered our birthday. I can't imagine how many thousands of dollars they've sent through the mail over the years doing this for each of their nieces and nephews and their kids.

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