Thursday, April 23, 2009

April Enrichment Night

Not a whole lot happening this week (compared to last week anyway!). Jen made it home and the van is in the shop getting repaired.

Worked. So very, very GRATEFUL for a job in these tough times.

Had Enrichment tonight. SO VERY GOOD. It was called "He Is - Strengthening Our Relationship with Jesus Christ". I borrowed the idea from an online group for Enrichment. We had a light dinner of Jennifer's brunch sandwiches and her Shelly's salad, along with jello cake for dessert. The decorations were very simple. White tablecloths, simple purple-blue pieces of fabric in the center with fresh purple alstroemeria flowers in clear vases with purple and blue ribbons wrapped around the vases.

Then, Sister Chacon gave a talk on knowing Christ which was just excellent. She is always such a wonderful teacher. There were sisters already crying. After that, we had asked that people bring an item that has strengthen them or their testimony of Christ or such. I started off by showing one of my "The Work and The Glory" books and told how I was inactive at that time in my life and I was doubting my testimony, etc. I shared how those books drew me back to the Lord and actually gave me my own testimony, etc. I then invited the sisters to get up and share the items they brought, if they felt the Spirit move them to do so. Most of the sisters did get up. Many of them cried. It was the quietest, most spiritual Enrichment I had ever been to.

I shared with them at the beginning of the program that I had been guided by the Spirit to change the focus of the night because there were sisters in the ward that needed to know the our Savior is there for them and that he knows them and loves them.

After we were finished sharing, we watched a video that one of my board members made for the night. It was a collage of pictures that she put to the music of the song "He Is" by Hilary Weeks. It was a perfect ending showing that Christ can be all around us in everything.

Finally, Sister Bingham, the RSP, spoke for just about 3 minutes and shared her testimony. It was so wonderful. She is just so wonderful! You could truly feel the Spirit there and you can tell that she is truly chosen by the Lord to be His mouthpiece for our sisters.

It's nights like these that help me know that I was meant to be in this calling for a reason - even when things don't work out or my patience is tried with Enrichment and about to head out the door. My patriarchal blessing talks of leading the sisters and giving them counsel. I guess this is what it's all about.

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Jennifer said...

You always do such an awesome job. I didn't know that about your blessing. That is great!