Saturday, July 18, 2009

THIS is Why I Love You, Dog

Have you ever seen something so cute? Just look at that face! No matter what happens, this dog loves me and I love him. Sure, I may scream at him when I see him digging for China for all he's worth in the back yard, but I love him anyway. This was so cute...Melon Man was sitting with me in the computer room looking at something on the computer and Dog came up and put his chin on Melon Man's knee. He just sat there with this little look of "I love ya, man." Melon Man took off his glasses and put them on Dog's nose and he just sat there and took it. No flopping his head around to get them off. He just sat there.

Later in the day, I was alone in the office and Dog came in and did his usual, "What's outside?" routine. This is pretty new for him in the office since the desk used to be in front of the windows. But, now that it's not, Dog loves to look out the windows to see what's going on. I have all kinds of snout prints on my bedroom windows. I clean them off once in a great while, but usually I just leave them there...kind of like little kids fingerprints on the glass at grandma's house. It reminds me of him and how loving he is. My favorite snout prints are those on the scrapbook room window because he will often run to that window and watch me drive away in the mornings. It tears at my heart, but reminds me that he is anxiously awaiting my return later in the day. And I love that.

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Lisa Tucker said...

I love Koda! Aka "Dog". He is so cute! I think you should use that picture for a your Christmas Card!