Friday, August 7, 2009

Bacon and Sausage Galore!

Since Melon Man had to work today and tomorrow, we were unable to attend this year's ward campout up at Granite Basin campground in Prescott. We were quite bummed because we really wanted to. I had thought about driving up and helping Lori (the activities committee leader) with the breakfast tomorrow morning (since I'm on the activities committee), but when I mentioned it to her, she said that the bishopric was going to be doing the cooking and she asked if I'd be willing to do the bacon and sausage ahead of time like I did for the ward breakfast a few months ago. I accepted and so last night this is what I spent a bunch of time doing....

I baked 20 pounds of sausage and fried 20 pounds of bacon. Amazingly, it all fit into these 7 gallon size ziploc bags when it was all done. I certainly don't mind spending 3 to 4 hours doing this - EXCEPT that my house WREAKED of bacon and sausage afterward. Oh - and the grease all over - yuck. Good thing for cleaning fluid that cuts grease and a dog that kept licking the floor! (Update: It stunk like bacon and sausage for 4 days. I wanted to throw up every time I walked into the house. Next time, I'll boil some lemon slices while doing this. It helps with the stench.)

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