Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Cousin!

Today is Lisa's 50th birthday! 

She is OLD

But, we love her anyway!  I just have to give her grief because I know she loves it.  Lisa is my best friend.  I am so glad we are cousins and friends.  I always know she will come to my rescue.  I love her so much.  Have a wonderful birthday dearie.  I'm so glad you have the day off and don't have to deal with you know who today!

And, since today is the last day of the month, here is my month-long list of things I have been thankful for this year:

1 - My husband
2 - The gospel in our lives
3 - Life
4 - Temple prayer rolls
5 - The power of prayer
6 - Fridays
7 - A cleaner house
8 - The power of music to touch my heart
9 - Super Plus Tampons - okay, tampons in general!
10 - Emergency room doctors who actually have feelings
11 - Veterans and service members who give their time and lives to protect our freedoms
12 - PTO days to use to recover
13 - Friends who ask if they can pray with you while at work.
14 - A friend who always knows when I need to talk to her.
15 - Priesthood blessings
16 - Cell phones so I can keep in touch with my Melon Man while I'm traveling
17 - Cool breezes and rustling leaves
18 - Gray skies and rain
19 - Empty middle seats on airplanes
20 - Restaurants that are open 24 hours so I can finally get something to eat at 11:30 p.m. after a 15 hour workday
21 - Being able to afford to have someone come in to help me clean after a long week
22 - Yummy meatloaf dinner
23 - Being off work for a week to spend time with my sister and her family!
24 - A sister who chose to come spend a week with us for a vacation, but ended up doing a lot of work because I just didn't feel well
25 - Laughing with my sister while we try to wrap up the "night-befores"
26 - A delicious turkey dinner, a fabulous looking table, and just the right amount of leftovers
27 - A day spent with my sister and cousin in tradition
28 - Quiet days resting to try and feel better
29 - A husband who saw I just wasn't able to make it all the way through church and sent me home to rest
30 - The best cousin in the whole world - Happy Birthday Lisa!


Linda Lu said...

Now we are in the same group! Happy Birthday Sweetie! I Love You!

Thank you Kristin for posting! Love ya!

Leslie said...

Happy Birthday Lisa we love you.

Lisa Tucker said...

Thanks everyone. You wait Kristin when you turn 50! Love the jab you always give me! Trying to feel better. You and Julie must have given me something. Yuck