Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day & Skrumpits

Today is Mother's Day.  I don't struggle anymore with the fact that I have been unable to have children; now it's just that I miss my mom.  I guess that's why I sort of fill her void with my auntie.

After church today, I headed over to Lisa's for Mother's Day dinner.  Melon Man had bought a few bouquets of roses for Auntie, Lisa, and me.  It was very sweet of him.  He wasn't able to go with me because of his new work schedule.  So, I just went alone.  Lisa added hers to the flowers that she was putting on the table.

We had a lovely dinner and we all just sat around and did really nothing much.  Dog played with Maxine in the pool.  The guys and Gwen watched the Suns game.  Lisa and I, along with Auntie, visited.  Auntie flitted back and forth between both rooms, as did Gwen.  I took these pictures of Auntie while she was visiting.  It seems like she either blinks or just gets funny faces when you try to take a picture of her!

Soon, Kiefer and Uncle Ward were wanting the Skrumpits.  Skrumpits! Skrumpits!  Skrumpits!  Look at how beautiful they are!  Oh, just wait, the inside is the best part!

Skrumpits are Kiefer's name for Auntie's pudding-filled eclairs.  We've tagged onto it and it just fits now, although when I hear the word skrumpit, I think of little english biscuits with jam, not ginormous eclairs.  No matter what you call them though, they are fab-u-lo-so!  Yum....I'll take a dozen, please!  Don't they just look delicious?

Auntie made each of us two new sets of potholders - love 'em - and Lisa gave us each a darling star bowl and 4th of July towel, along with these yummy brownies.  Delicious!  What a yummy day!

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Cindy said...

Such great pictures!