Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Uck, I've Got the Gum-Boo Flu...

Yeah, not fun.  I've had the "rhea" for almost 48 hours now.  Can I just say, yuck, and c'mon!  I'm sick of it already.  Helped Jennifer with her camp water bottles tonight and she was finally able to send off the order.  Yay!  Taylor leaves on "Trek" tomorrow.  I'm so proud of him for going on this very personal and hard, but uplifting experience.  I wish they'd had Trek when I was a teenager. 


outside my window...the sound of a nightgale singing away.  It's so weird to hear birds singing at night!
i am thankful for...soft toilet paper.
i am wearing...just my Gs and a shirt. It's almost night-night time.
noticing that...i still have blog posts that need to be finished.
i am reading... still....A Banner is Unfurled, volume 2, by Marcie Gallacher and Kerri Robinson. I just barely started this volume so this will be the same answer for a while.
on my mind...our trip to Michigan and how it seems so easy to plan but actually is really hard.
pondering these words..."Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are" by Mom.
around the house...four cases of food storage that needs to find a home somewhere.
from the kitchen...the lingering smell from dinner - crockpotted short ribs that Melon Man made.
one of my favorite things...emails or text messages from my nieces and nephews.
i'm creating...a recipe scrapbook page for Cindy's chocolate eclair cake.
a few plans for the rest of the week...trying to get ahold of my visiting teachees so we can visit them.  a temple sealing for the Kapanak family on Saturday!  May stay over afterwards and do a session...need some personal time in the temple right now.
from my lens...a picture of Dog - happy as can be because he got to go to the park today to play. 


Cindy said...

I liked how you did this post. Hope you feel better soon, dearie!

Yes, I got your email. I'm trying to decide just what it is and how I want to do it.

I have decided I think I want it on a tile and not on wood. For the cabin I'd go wood, but I think it needs to be a tile for my kitchen window here in Cali. Maybe the flag outline all in black, then the navy top with white stars and then for the stripes red and white or red and nothing??? if I do it on a cream tile??? then take some scrapbook antiquing and rub it over the cream places????

Please give me some input on that....

Lisa Tucker said...

Great post! I love "Dog" Look at that tongue! Hilarous!