Friday, December 3, 2010

It's Still Migraine City

Not too bad, but still enough to hurt and make my day miserable.  Slept in quite a bit trying to feel better.  Last night, cancelled Holly coming today.  Just couldn't pull it together enough to have her come today.  Finally worked up enough energy to print out the cards for the "gift" for the party.  Linda and Desert Dweller Dave stopped by and she helped tie bows for the gift, along with Marisol from church while DD Dave and Melon Man watched the Military channel.  Melon Man finally went to bed around 1:15 and around 3:30, everyone had left for cleaner pastures.

I threw on some clothes and ran an errand and then came home.  Migraine still hanging around, but gone enough to somewhat function.  Finished working on the program for the party, made the cue cards for the participants, made the last 20 cards for the gift, finished a couple of tile sets for a lady in the ward who then came and picked them up, visited with Melon Man before he left for work, and blogged while the cue cards were printing.  Now just need to transfer the video and background songs to the laptop and then I'm heading for bed.  I can't believe I've had this migraine over 32 hours now.

It will be nice when tomorrow is over.  It will only be December 4th and the ward Christmas party will be done with so we can focus on our families for the rest of the month in preparation of the big night/day.  Looking forward to being released from this calling next month.  It's been three good, but long, busy years.  I've created the programs, decor, posters, etc. for the last three Christmas parties.  It's been a good experience, but a lot of work.  I'm sad that we've never gotten to do "Back to Bethlehem" but that is a major production that I am just glad I didn't have to do.  Maybe the new method of organizing activities (per the new church handbook) will allow our ward to do that next year.  I think it would be excellent!

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