Friday, January 14, 2011

Taylor is Finally in Surgery

3:36 pm - Just talked with Jen. Taylor didn't go into surgery until about 3 pm because one of the doctors was assisting on another surgery.  They told them the surgery will last at least 3 hours and then at least an hour in recovery. The doctors will try to update them about every hour or so. She will call me and update me as she is able and I will post the updates here since there are so many people for me to call and I'm still at work so I can spend all that time calling everyone as much as I'd like too. Hopefully, everyone will be okay with that.  Feel free to leave questions or messages in the comments and I will relay/answer them as I can.

5:23 pm - Arrived home about 20 minutes ago.  No new news yet.  On another note though, I thought I'd share that exactly 30 days from now is Valentine's Day.  Can you believe it?  It was just Christmas 21 days ago!  I was perusing Becky Higgins' blog just a bit ago and I just love what she has written for today so I decided to copy the parts here that stood out to me. She had changed her blog background to red because it's only 30 days until Valentine's Day.  (I thought about doing that, but I've already changed it to various shades of pink so that's close enough.)  She said she chose to use red because that's the color of LOVE.

She said...
Love isn’t just about being in a relationship. It’s not just about having a boyfriend or girlfriend or even being married (although that’s certainly significant and wonderful. In fact, marriage, as we know, often leads to children and I believe FAMILY is most definitely central in God’s Plan of Happiness.)

Love is about even more than that though. Love is what can heal. Love is what can lift another. Through love, burdens are lifted, hearts are mended, and a crummy day becomes blessed.

{ love is a verb }

That’s what they say, right? Well because it’s true. A relationship takes effort. You don’t see a friendship blossom on accident. You don’t see a marriage make it through hard times because husband & wife are waiting for the other to make the first move.

This is a small invitation to each of us to be more proactive in being loving human beings. More patient in our driving. More willing to volunteer our time in service. More likely to follow that prompting to phone a friend or write a note of kindness or stop everything you’re doing to read with your child.  More likely to express gratitude. Being quick to forgive. And more smiling.
She then offered the following print for download on her website.  I had to snag it for my blog.  It says so much about so many things.  So simple and poignant.

5:51 pm - Jennifer just called.  It's almost time for another update from the nurse, but she said that after 1.5 hours, they hadn't even yet removed any of the mass.  They had only partially exposed it.  They seem to be doing some exploratory work to see how bad it is.  She's hoping for another update soon.  Will post when I hear more.

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