Sunday, May 22, 2011

Unscheduled Stake Conference

About two weeks ago, we got word that there was to be a special Stake Conference.  We had no idea why, but Melon Man began speculating pretty quickly as to the reason.  We soon discovered that he was right - we were getting a new stake presidency.  We have really grown to love President Hancock.  He is such a humble, non-worldly, hardworking man.  It will be odd not having him as our stake president anymore, but we know that the new stake presidency will also be called of God and will lead the wards of our stake well. 

We, again, speculated who the new Stake Presidency would be.  However, we both got it wrong...and we are okay with that because those who were called are fantastic men and will serve the Lord and the Stake well.  President Rolfe (the current 2nd counselor) was called to be the new Stake President.  President Thalman (the current 1st counselor) was called again as 1st counselor.  And...our bishop, Bishop Ritman, was called as the 2nd counselor.  THAT ONE was a SHOCK!  We definitely were not expecting that.  Not that he shouldn't be, but just rather that it totally caught us off-guard. 

So, now, that means that we will soon have a new bishopric.  It will be quite interesting to see what happens.  We're quite positive we're out of the woods, so no worries there!  Melon Man has his ideas of who the new bishop will be, but whoever it is, we'll gladly support them.

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