Saturday, July 9, 2011

Girls Camp 2011

This coming week is our stake's girl's camp.  Since I was put into Young Women's long after the leaders were selected to go, I don't get to attend this year.  I'm kind of bummed.  But, I did help out by doing some vinyl for the girls' water bottles.  I cut the vinyl for these three times!  Yes, three!  Why? 

Well, at first, I cut it in black.  Having not seen the bottles before, I couldn't make a recommendation so we did black in the Pharmacy font.  They turn out fine.  Just....fine. 

Then, when I saw the bottles, I was like - oh yeah, they really do need white vinyl instead.  So, I cut it all again in white.  But, then, I was still really dissatisfied.  They were cute, but not CUTE! 

So, I found the PERFECT font and recut all of them again.  And...I LOVED them!  It reminded me of last year when I worked on camp stuff with Jenn.  Things just didn't feel "right" the way they were.  It was like Heavenly Father was telling me I needed to keep going until I got it right and the girls would love them and remember them.

So, that's what I did.  And this is how they turned out:

Just so stinkin' cute!  I hope the girls will love them!


Linda Lu said...

So Cute! I love how you are so talented and take the time to do things perfect, even when you are so exhausted!

Love you!

You would not believe my word verification to sign on to enter this comment. It is micut! LOL

Lisa Tucker said...

They are stinkin cute!

Casey Lu said...

Wow you have been busy and YES these and the flower font are more then cute! They are adorable!!