Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Haboob = A Freakin' Big Wall of Dust and Dirt!

Ever heard of the word "haboob"?  Nah, it's not a joke about small boobs.  It's the Arabic word for sand storm...and this is what one looks like.  This was what happened today here in Phoenix.  It was ginormous - 70 miles wide and 7,000 feet high.  When Melon Man left to go to work, he told me I should come see my truck - but I said I would just look at it in the morning.  Great - I bet it's caked with dirt!

On my way home from work today, although I didn't get hit by the haboob, I did see some rainfall coming down in one fell swoop over north Peoria....pretty cool....

Now, if it would just rain a ton at our house!  Monsoon season, 2011, is here!  Yahoo!!!

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Casey Lu said...

Wow! You took such a beautiful photo of the clouds and the way the rain comes down randomly! Beautiful!