Saturday, August 13, 2011

Red is Awesome!

The morning started off with breakfast at the Coral.  Then we headed home and gave away our old sofa to a family in the ward who needed it.  It was sad saying goodbye to it, but it was nice knowing that someone else could use it.  It was essentially still in good condition - just needed some additional padding in the seats. 

Soon, the new sofas arrived and all the concerns I'd had about them clashing with the floors and such quickly dissipated as soon as the delivery guys walked in with them!  They are perfect.  The color is perfect.  I so love them!
I wanted to just sit and enjoy them, but it was cleaning day so back to work we went.  Once we were done cleaning, we left to take Holly home and then we headed off to Lowes to get a new lamp to match the other two and new coach lights for the driveway.  We're not used to having an open section in the corner between the sofas so definitely need a lamp and table there.  We found the lamp to match the others, but now we just need to find another table as the one that used to be on the end of the sofa is just weird there.  We need a round or oval table and it needs to be a little higher than normal because when we go to let Dog out, his tail hits the picture frame on the table and knocks it off.  We went here and there, but couldn't find ANYTHING that was perfect that wasn't overly expensive.  Oh well, we'll have to keep looking. 

We did find new coach lights and they are really nice.  I like them so much better than the old ones!  Now we just need to find a new light for the front door area.  We're looking for one that is quite flat so we can open the door more fully.
One last thing I want to write about...we got egged last night.  Specifically, my truck got egged last night.  I'd gotten home after Melon Man had left for work and it was quite late so I parked, came in, and went almost right to bed. It was around midnight.   It was really, really quiet.  I laid in bed with Dog, rubbing his head and I heard a noise.  It sounded like something hitting something else, but I couldn't tell what it was.  Then, I heard it again.  Then, I heard girls laughing.  Then nothing.  I didn't think much more about it and I fell asleep.

Fast forward to this morning when we returned from breakfast.  I came back around the end of the truck and there it was - dried on eggs.  I was crushed.  Who would do this to me?  Why would someone do this to me (or us)?  I searched my mind and could only think of one situation that had happened recently that would possibly lead to this.  I didn't want to believe that any of those that it could be would be the ones that did it.  But, I couldn't think of anyone else that it could have been.  If it was one of those, that would be incredibly sad.  Something came over was a feeling of forgiveness.  It wasn't that I was just going to ignore that it had happened, but that I forgave them for trespassing against me and I would just move on.  It wouldn't do any good to harbor ill feelings - that would do me no good.  So I decided to just forgive and go forward.  I do hope, however, that whoever decided to do this will apologize and tell me why they did it. 

And that...was our day.

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