Saturday, October 15, 2011

Morning with the Hubs

I know I complain on this blog of mine a lot about how much I'm away from home working or travelling or what not.  Don't get me wrong...I love my job and am very grateful for it.  It's just that I also love my home and my husband and it feels like I just don't get to see either of them very much.  So, when I AM able to be here in our home with Melon Man or even out and about with him, I'm very grateful for that time - no matter where it is.

Today we spent the morning at The Coral for breakfast.  Just the two of us.  Yes, we missed our breakfast buddies, Desert Dweller and Linda Lu, but it was also nice to be together - just us - since I haven't seen him much lately and I have to leave on a business trip on Monday.  I think we like going to The Coral so much because we can get whatever we like.  Melon Man is a sweet, breakfast kind of guy.  Me...I'm a savory other time of the day food, kind of gal.  Check out the difference in the types of food we each got:
We sat and talked and ate and talked some more.  Then, just as we were about to start getting ready to head out, along came two fellow patrons that we saw the last time we went there with the buddies. 
The last time we were there and saw these guys, we were, well, can I say, gagging?  The greasy, stringy, long hair.  The hiked up pants.  The eating with their mouths open.  Yes, how rude of us.  I admit it.  In fact, now, thinking about it, I'm embarassed that we acted that way. 

These are just two guys that 1) probably have had a hard life financially, 2) have probably had a hard life emotionally, 3) probably came from a family that didn't have any pride in the way they look, 4) probably don't have a woman in their lives to help them, 5) or, they just don't care.  Today, I saw them and at first I reacted the same way I did the last time.  In fact, that's why I took the picture.  I even shot it off to Desert Dweller and Linda Lu. the day has progressed, I've re-thought my actions.  Is this a Christ-like attitude?  No.

I am trying really hard to set a good example for others who may interact or come in contact with me and for the young women I lead.  I want them to see the light of Christ in me, not someone who makes fun of others.  I will try harder than ever to stand a little taller, to think before I act, and to emulate Christ in all I do.

After we were done with breakfast, we were going to go to Lowes to get a new sprinkler timer, a fridge filter, and some other miscellaneous stuff, but I just didn't feel like it.  So, we just went to Tar-zhey to get some shower door spray, shoe laces, and mascara.  Well, they didn't have the Tar-zhey brand shower spray anymore - drat!  I LOVE that stuff!  I'll have to check another Tar-zhey and see if they've completely done away with it or they were just out at our store.  We got the other items - along with a bunch of other stuff that we sort of needed - and then headed home, but not before finding Melon Man in the hat section.  Can you say Yooper?
It was a pretty lackadaisical day after that - just worked on my lesson for tomorrow and did the bulletin.  We didn't even do anything for dinner!

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