Friday, November 25, 2011

I'm Finished! FINALLY!

I knew it was coming - the annual Blurb discount email.  I was going to be happy with a 15% discount.  But, when the email finally arrived like it does every November and it was for 20% off, I was elated!  It spurred me on to working to get my 2009 blog book edited and ready for publication.  So, since the beginning of November, I have been working through it page by page, making sure everything was just right.  And then...what should happen a few days ago?  I got another email that it was now 25% off!  I was so glad that I decided to take this week off and relax - even if that meant working hard to get the book done, because now I had enough time to do a second book!  As of Monday evening, I had only 28 pages left to do in my blog book, but I was just sick of it, so I decided to make our 2010 Michigan trip into its own book since I knew I had a ton of pictures that would take up ... oh, maybe 80-100 pages ... and I didn't want to put the whole trip into my 2010 blog book.  So, I started working on that book on Tuesday morning.  I worked and worked for hours and hours and by Wednesday evening, it was done and uploaded - all 276 pages of it!  Then, I finished the additional 28 pages from the 2009 blog book.  I just had a couple of updates to make after visiting with Auntie Sigie on Thanksgiving.  That one ended up being 424 pages!

This morning, I came in, wrapped up those few changes, and then started sending it to Blurb.  I came in just a little bit ago and it was finished uploading.  So, I placed the order, paid, and both are now getting printed!  Thank you, thank you, Blurb for that awesome discount!  I saved $45!  I really wish I could have gotten my 2010 book done too, but I'm burned out for now so I will load it in to the program and as the year goes by, I'll work on it here and there so it's not a marathon again to get it finished in time for another discount.

Now, I'm off to watch a movie, do some laundry, and clean up around here.  But, as a sneak peek - here are the covers from the books I just finished!

Front Only
Back and Front
Front Only
Back and Front


Lisa Tucker said...

You do such good work!

Breanna said...

Haha im on there thats awesome!