Friday, March 23, 2012

Giddy Up, Y'all!

Tonight was our ward Missionary Potluck Hoedown.  Sister Vest and committee did a great job with little to no money.  The decorations were simple but darling and I couldn't believe all the stuff that the Browns brought as well!  The Laurels were in charge of a "kissing booth" and this is what we came up with.  The material was a little sheer, but it worked for the half hour we had to man it.
Kelly, the YW President, with Rain Wilson, her son's girlfriend
Madison Craig preparing to give out kisses
Pucker up!
Madison Craig, Becky Alldredge, and Ashley Vest
Bryce Cowden getting his "kiss" from Maddie
The kisses the Laurels gave out
Garrett Brown and his girlfriend, Rain Wilson
The dessert table and some of the decorations nearby

Fatty Girl with braids and ribbons and a very tired Melon Man who only had about 5 hours of sleep but came to be supportive anyway

A typical Melon Man meal...meat and a couple veggies or salad.  Too bad the "wild west" photo processing makes it look looks really good in full color!
Danika Cones and Jordon Martin in the jail.  I was taking a picture of them and it was kind of "lame-o" so I told them something funny and they both busted up laughing.  I caught it just at the right time. 
Garret and Rain in jail too!  Garrett - what are you doing in this picture??!?!
Learning some of the steps for the square dancing
Sister Vest.  She always smiles and looks happy.  I'm glad she's my visiting teacher.
I think this was when everyone was doing the "Cotton-eyed Joe" dance
Rain, Garrett, Kelly, and Brad - cute picture!
Danika and Jordon
Megan and Kendall Asper
Ashley Vest (middle), Sabrina Martin (right), and Sabrina's sister (on the left)
Taryn Ritman and Haylei Craig were square-dancing partners
And last, but certainly not least, Angela and Bishop Cowden.  
It was a fun night - and so glad to not have to be on the activities committee anymore, having to do all the work and clean up, etc.!  Hopefully, the few partially active or non-members that came with other folks enjoyed it as well and we'll see them again!

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