Sunday, March 18, 2012

Got a WaterBOB?

I was poking around on Pinterest recently while I was waiting for a meeting to start one day and came across a post for a quick way to store 100 gallons of emergency water.  I was a little more than fascinated.  Yes, we have a good supply of water now, but this would give us 100 gallons more in a hurry if something were to happen suddenly.

You just lay the "bladder" in your tub, put the sleeve over the faucet, and fill it up.
When you need to get water out of it, just use the accompanying siphon.
Here's a little video about it:

I did some additional research and felt the benefits were well worth the small investment, so I ordered it.  It just arrived yesterday and I'm ready to go put it in the bathroom cupboard so it's right there when/if we need it.  I ordered it from and it was $29.99 plus shipping of about eight bucks.  Not bad for a container to hold 100 gallons of water in case there isn't anymore for some reason!

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Casey Lu said...

That is a great idea!! I just wonder if they have one for a oval garden tub as the one shown in the video wouldn't fit my tub. But, an excellent idea nonetheless!