Saturday, September 29, 2012

Camilla's Baptism

Today I was given the special opportunity to play the piano at another baptism.  This time, it was for one of my former Primary children!  I was her teacher when she was a Sunbeam.  I can't believe Camilla is now eight years old!  She and I had a little rough spot one day in class.  She never liked to stay in her seat, she caused other kids to be distracted, and she cried a lot for her mom and tried to leave all the time.  One day, I had had enough.  I took her out of Sharing Time and we were walking the halls.  She kept crying that she wanted her mom, over and over.  Finally, I couldn't take it anymore - I lost it.  I pulled her aside into a room, sat her down on a chair, and I started bawling.  I told her that I wanted my mom too, but that she was dead and living with Jesus and I couldn't see her again until I died too.  She just looked at me.  That day was somewhat of a release for me.  I got out my frustrations with her, but I also got out my frustrations with the fact that my mom is gone.  We had a good little talk and since then, Camilla and I have been good friends.  Her mom, Catia, knows how much I love this little girl and so she asked if I would play for the baptism.  I was honored to do so.  I hope someday that she will remember me when she is all grown up and gets married.  I want to be there for her then too.

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