Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election 2012

It's been a long time coming.  We've waited and waited for the day to be here and over.  We've held our breath for 18 months.  Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama.  We didn't vote for Romney because he's Mormon.  We voted for him because he was our only hope out of the two to actually make our country better after Obama has run it into the ground.  The fact that he was a Mormon and we knew his values because of that only made it better.  People complained he acted like he was going to run a business rather than a country.  Well, hello, a government IS a business.  It's the biggest business in the world...even bigger than Wal-Mart.  You need a very skilled and intelligent person to run it effectively.  Not a Socialist jerk.  But, that's what the majority of the voters in the United States chose this week...a guy who is going to continue to run this country into the ground...a guy who doesn't know a thing about running a business...a guy who can talk to people to make them believe he's going to do something great but then doesn't.  Yep, the handout folks....

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