Saturday, April 6, 2013

Closet Purge

Last Saturday, we decided to go through our closet and clean out all the clothes we don't wear.  What a task.  I hate purging clothes.  It's emotionally really difficult for me.  When I was growing up, we didn't have a lot.  My mom had to sew clothes for us kids to save money.  So, when I buy clothes now, as an adult, I don't like to spend a lot of money on them, nor do I like to get rid of them.  But, our closet had gotten so full (on my side mainly) that you could barely squeeze another piece of clothing onto the rods.  I wish I had taken pictures before we started pulling clothes out, but, I didn't.  Oh well.

As I folded every piece of clothing, I categorized it and logged it for our taxes.  This was just too much stuff to not track.

Dog was a little confused.  He wasn't quite sure what was going on and why we were doing all of this.  He just sat there and watched.

After we pulled everything out and went through all of it, we had a huge pile of clothes on the living room floor, two huge piles on the back of the sofa, and in the end, 7 large bags of nicely folded clothes to donate.  There were things in there that I'd only ever worn once.  And, sadly, there were things in there that neither of us had ever worn for one reason or another.  Someone will get some nice things.  Today, we dropped the bags off at Goodwill.  We would have taken them to D.I., but it's so far away and I was just so exhausted from this week that I didn't think I could drive all that way today.  So, Goodwill, it was.  When the ladies pulled the bags out of the back of the car, they were amazed that everything was all folded and nice.  I bet they see all kinds of crap just thrown at them, so this was probably a welcome surprise.  I'm glad I was able to make someone smile, but also to help somebody in need of some larger size clothes at a good price.

Now I just need to take some pictures of the closet without all of those clothes!


Cindy said...

Good for you guys. That always feels good to purge things from closets and such in the house.

I continue to purge things. I just want my life to be a bit more simple in that respect. I used to hang on to everything for some of the very same reasons you mentioned. Growing up without a lot makes you not want to get rid of things. Now I'm much more selective of what comes in so I don't have to do so much purging later on.

The Asper's said...

Missy, you know you live 5 minutes from a DI trailer??