Thursday, May 2, 2013

2013 Trip to Michigan

Today I booked our flights and "splurge" hotel stay for our trip to Michigan.  When we went to Michigan in 2010, we didn't have to pay for flights because I went for work and then just stayed over, and Melon Man came on one of my free tickets.  Well, the frequent flyer program has changed a little and it was going to cost us almost 100,000 points to go because our trip back was on a Monday.  Never mind.  We'll save those.  I watched and watched and luckily I caught it at a good time because our flight price just dropped from $444 each to $370 each.  Still a ton, but way better than $444!  At one point, I was looking at the prices and they went from $370 during the day to $582 at 10:30 at night!  Luckily, the next day they went back down, so I booked them.

Since we're having to pay for flights this time, we have really researched our the hotels we'll be staying at to try to find good rates.  Since where we're going is kind of out of the big city, it's harder to have a plethora of choices, so Holiday Inn Express and Quality Inn, it is.  But, I told Melon Man that on our last night there, I wanted to go somewhere neither of us had been before and stay some place really nice.  I have been wanting to go to Petoskey and look for a Petoskey stone, along with eat at this Polish restaurant, Leg's Inn, since the last time we went to Michigan.  So, that's what we're going to do.  (Yeah, won't be quite as enjoyable not being able to eat all that lovely polish meat, but they actually do have a large menu that offers quite a bit of options for vegetarians!)  I found a beautiful room overlooking Lake Michigan, which will be like being on the ocean in San Diego with the beautiful sunsets.  It was pretty dang pricey. will be worth it!

 I am going to sit on our balcony just like this chick-a-dee and

I cannot wait.  Pure Michigan.  You got that right.

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