Monday, May 27, 2013

I Found My Laser Level!

I finally found my laser level today, so, I hung up the cowboy pictures in the guest room today.  Since there were 5 of them and they needed to be perfectly the same level, that was really important.  I also hung up the wreath above the bed.  Now, I just need to:

  • finish accessorizing the top of the armoire
  • find one more thing for the wall by the armoire, if it still needs it after accessorizing the top
  • paint the camera shelves or take them down altogether
  • buy a headboard
  • and, biggest project of all, do the board and batten on the walls!

...and then the guest room will be done!

And...I marked 2 things off of my "joy" list today!  That felt good.

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