Friday, November 8, 2013

I am Thankful for Tender Mercies

Today I saw a news story that Angie had shared on Facebook about a woman who donated her daughter's heart to another woman and what happened when they met.  What a tear jerker! Having been in the same type of situation - my mom being the recipient of a teenage girl's liver, this really hit home and I lost it when the two women hugged. I was sobbing. I know that guilt that the recipient feels - my mom had it - but I also know the gratitude too...especially from the recipient's family's perspective. Without Brooke's liver, my mom would not have had an additional 8 or so years with us. We knew that very day who the donor was from things that occurred in the hospital and in the papers, but respected the family's privacy until they were ready to meet. I am so grateful to the Graviat family for sharing their daughter with our family. I personally felt Brooke's spirit around me in those first few days and I consider her my sister. What a special blessing!

Oh...and I lost a few more pounds!  I have now lost 75.6 pounds!

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