Thursday, October 11, 2007


So, this whole blogging/God's touch thing had me thinking all day about what I wanted to write about today. There were two distinct things that came to mind as I read family blogs (Cindy, Meredith, Angie) and also read an LDS-GEM that came via email.

The first is about Priesthood blessings. I've never realized how lucky I am to have a servant of the Lord in my home until the last two years. Although I had the Priesthood in my home previously, it wasn't exercised very often and when I wanted a blessing I always had to beg. Even then, he (you know who I'm talking about) had to go to the manual to look up how to do it. But now, if I ask for a blessing, Clint is so good to do it...and he doesn't need a manual either. I was so touched by Cindy's blog about blessings that I just about started crying. How wonderful it is that the men in our lives hold the Priesthood of God and through them, we can receive guidance, counsel, and comfort from our Father in Heaven. The next time I am with my whole family, I want to do the same thing the Duffy's did. How incredibly special. How incredibly spiritual. And, how incredibly sacred. I felt the Spirit so strongly while reading her blog that I felt as if I had been there. My dad is here now and maybe he and Clint can give me a blessing before he leaves.

The second thing I thought about today and how God has touched our lives came from an LDS-GEM I received in my daily email. It is called "The Crowning Temple Ordinance" and says:

"The crowning temple ordinance is available only to a man and a woman when they are sealed together, forming an eternal family unit. It is by virtue of this and all other priesthood ordinances that the families of the earth shall be blessed (see Abraham 2:11). No other doctrine in all of religion better confirms God's commensurate love for both His sons and His daughters."

I am so grateful that Clint and I have been sealed for eternity. That was such a special day. I remember looking at Clint in the temple that day and KNOWING that we were doing the right thing. It was such an awesome feeling. One that I will never forget. How I long to share this special feeling and gift with my friends of other faiths. I wish they would just listen to the Spirit and give it the chance to bear witness that the Church is true. I have a very dear friend who moved away a few years ago. She has such a sweet family that she loves dearly. But to know that she and her husband will only be together as husband and wife "until death do they part" deeply saddens my heart.

Tonight is run-through night for Super Saturday so I've got to get packed and go. May the Lord bless you in your lives today and always.


Cindy said...

So nice, honey. It truly was a special day for us. Keep up the good blogging! Look back (to the beginning) at the new stuff I posted today. I added a LOT of pictures since I figured it out, finally! More to come tomorrow.

Love, Cindy

Angela said...

Hi Kristin! I'm so glad you joined the world of blogging. I love it and think it's a great way to journal. I also think it's a wonderful way to keep in touch with family and friends. I have enjoyed reading your posts...Love Ya!