Saturday, October 13, 2007

Super Saturday

Today is Saturday and it has been Super in more than one way! First, it was Super Saturday Craft Day for church. I was just recently called as the Enrichment Leader and SS just happened to be my first activity! It's a good thing my auntie Sigie was the EL in her ward for a few years - I learned a lot that really helped make mine go smooth today. All the sisters seemed happy with their projects and almost everything went as planned. We had soup and salad to eat with rolls about halfway through and during the eating, a sister taught a class on creative gift wrapping. A few people didn't show, but I knew about most of them ahead of time. Overall, there were about 30-35 people there. Even a couple that were guests of another sister! I tried to say hi to every single sister so they knew I cared about them being there and it also helped me get to know all of their names. It was easy clean up too. Clint, Dad, and I went over about 9 pm last night to set up. It took us about 25 minutes to set everything up and then we went to Chili's for dinner.

I was so exhausted from only getting 90 minutes of sleep the night before that when we came home, I just went and got right into bed without saying good night to either C or Dad. I felt right to sleep and I slept HARD until my aging body woke me up at 3 am to go to the bathroom. C and I are on the same potty schedule it seems lately...we both wake up within 2 minutes of each other quite often! You know what they say about women and their monthly cycles....well, that must happen to aging spouses and their nightly porcelain bowl visits! on earth did I move from SS to toilets? So, back to SS...when we got to the church this morning at 8, I casually made the salad, set the food table, and did the little bit of food prep I needed to do. One of the sisters later said to me that I didn't look very stressed. I felt so good when I told her I wasn't! It was just such a nice day. The projects weren't overly complicated and I was able to visit with Lisa and Auntie Sigie (who had graciously come to help me!) as well as many of the sisters who did the projects I was in charge of. My projects were the cute light-up ghost (in small and/or large (picture to be posted later) and a super cute chipboard album - love that. I only had ladies sign up for 11 of the albums which surprised me at only $3 each, but today I had orders for 22 more (at $4 each!). It's a good thing my cutter has a self-sharpening blade! Anyhow...cute picture of the album to be posted later as well. Overall, great day, great projects, great fun. I told the RSP that I want to do a Spring Fling as well where we do craft projects for Easter, summer, and Memorial/Independence Day. She thought it was a great idea! So, I guess I'll have to start looking for items soon!

The one super sad thing about today though was that it prevented Lisa, Auntie, Uncle Ward, Clint, Dad, and I from going to California yesterday to go to the temple with my cousin Wendy and her husband Larry. Larry went to the temple for the very first time yesterday to receive his own endowment and it was Wendy's first time back in 25 years. I am so happy for them. I truly wish we could have been there with them. To make me feel better about missing this incredibly special day though, I know in my heart that Heavenly Father is pleased with the job that I did today and will bless me for fulfilling my calling to the best of my ability while sacrificing a family event. Hopefully, W & L will be able to go back to the temple soon to be sealed as a family - I won't miss that one!

I'm tired so I put some baby back ribs in the oven to pre-cook and then C can BBQ them on the BBQ a little later. Yum, there is nothing so good as awesome BBQ'd Baby Back ribs after a long, hard day! We'll just have left over salad from today and rolls, maybe throw a couple of potatoes in the nuker to "bake" and it will be easy, done. Love that.


Cindy said...

Can't wait for the pictures of SS. I'm glad it went well! Good Job.

Angela said...

It sounds like Super Saturday went well. That is great.....I also am anxious to see pics!