Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Power of a Hymn

Today was a beautiful Sacrament meeting. It was Fast & Testimony meeting and there were some sweet testimonies shared. But, most beautiful of all, was our Sacrament hymn. We sang Reverently & Meekly Now (click to play). I must have been feeling the Spirit a little more than normal today (thank goodness) for from the first moment we started singing this hymn I almost immediately had tears in my eyes. The words are so beautiful:

Reverently and meekly now, let thy head most humbly bow.
Think of me, though ransomed one; think what I for thee have done.
With my blood that dripped like rain, sweat in agony of pain,
With my body on the tree I have ransomed even thee.

Bid thine heart all strife to cease; with thy brethren be at peace.
Oh, forgive as thou wouldst be even forgiven now by me.
In the solemn faith of prayer cast upon me all thy care
And my spirit's grace shall be, like a fountain unto thee.

At the throne I intercede; for thee ever do I plead.
I have loved thee as thy friend, with a love that cannot end.
Be obedient I implore, prayerful, watchful, evermore.
And be constant unto me, that thy Savior I may be.

How BEAUTIFUL that song is - that the Savior himself would speak to me through the words written by a man so long ago, yet touched by the Spirit. He's saying, "Look - I suffered for you so you could be forgiven of your sins and return to our Father. But, you have to be willing to forgive those who have hurt you! Cast all your feelings on me and I will help you get through it. I am your friend and will be there for you. I am your Savior."

It made me really think about that situation I mentioned in my last entry. I know that I just need to forgive those who hurt us and go on. He doesn't ask me to forget that it happened, only to forgive them and be at peace. So that is what I'm going to do.

On another note, this week is Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment. It's my first quarterly one since Super Saturday (which, by the way, sorry - I've never posted pictures). It's called Holiday Harvest and we are combining two holidays into one. As the sisters walk in and gather, there will be Christmas music playing. We're having dinner in a pumpkin with green salad, rolls, spiced green beans, water, and cider. The food table will be decorated for fall. The table for the drinks and desserts will be decorated for Christmas. The dining tables will be decorated for Thanksgiving and Christmas as well. Then, we'll have two presentations - the first one will be on Home Decor for the holidays on any budget. The next one will be taught by my cousin Lisa and she'll present three different versions of a table set for Thanksgiving and then three versions for Christmas. It's kind of like here's how to go from quick and easy to fancy and elegant. It's like a column that used to be in the scrapbook magazine where they started off with a nice looking layout, then added some things and moved some things around and it dressed it up a little, then how you add even some more and voila, you've got this exquisite layout. I bet she'll do a great job! For dessert, we're having Stollen and sugar cookies with hot cocoa. Every sister will get to take home a cute little Christmas bag with some yummy (Mom's recipe) chewy caramel corn, with a cute little card with a saying on it about giving thanks. I just have to find a popcorn popper somewhere! I hope I can pull it all off. I'm a little nervous. But, as my cousin Cindy recently said...."Do what the Lord asks and He'll fill in the gaps." And President Gordon B. Hinckley said, "Be not afraid, only believe. Believe in yourself. Believe in your capacity to do great and good things."

On another note, Clint and Dog say hi. We took Dog to the dog park for the first time yesterday. He was so cute running all over with his new friends. He was sniffing everthing and everyone (dogs, that is). He was so busy playing, that he didn't even want a drink! When we first got there, we accidentally went into the small dog park. We kept getting these dirty looks from the parents in there and it wasn't until I asked a girl I saw that I knew if that park was only for the little dogs that we found out that was why we were getting the dirty looks. So, we put our tails between our legs and schlumped out and over to the large dog park. We were there about 45 minutes and it totally wore Dog out. He got in the truck and was like, man, am I tired! We rewarded him with a trip to Sonic, but alas, I forgot to order him his junior cheeseburger so he just got water. Bummer, man.


Cindy said...

That is my FAVORITE sacrament hymn. It is the ONLY one where the Savior is speaking to us. LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Kristen, Ryan and I cried when we sang that hymn, too. It was very touching. We loved the words and the message.
On a side note... I can't wait for HFPE tonight!