Saturday, February 23, 2008

My First Client and Pucks are a Flyin'!

I finally earned my BS in Accounting degree 2 years ago (wow, has it REALLY been that long already?). Since then, I have used my skills in my work at Discover Network, but I haven't branched out in using them elsewhere until now. Sure, I've done our taxes for years and I started doing Dad's about 5 years ago, but I've never had a paying client until now. One of my employees at work was telling me she pays her guy $75 to do hers. I couldn't believe that. She certainly could not have enough stuff on her taxes to warrant paying someone $75 to do them. She brought her 2006 taxes in and I reviewed them for her. I then told her I would do them for $25 and teach her how to do them next year. She was really grateful. It went really fast and even though it was really easy, she said she'll still have me do them for her next year. Honestly, most people would say I probably charged her too much, but hey, would I feel right charging someone $75 for something so easy? No. And, that my dear friends, is probably why I'm not rich. But $75 for an hour's worth of honest work? I just couldn't do it. Maybe as I do it for more and more people, but not her.

On another note, Lisa and I went to the Phoenix Roadrunners vs the Utah Grizzlies minor league ice hockey game tonight. We sat on the 4th row (our seats were actually on the 2nd row but they were kind of cramped together). It was awesome! So close to the action! There was one time that a puck came flying over the glass and hit someone a few rows above us. Thank goodness they were okay! It was nice to have a girl's night out alone with her. Next game up: the last home game of the season for the Phoenix Suns. Then, after that, baseball season starts again! Go D-Backs! I LOVE my job - such fun perks!

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