Thursday, October 9, 2008

Whew! I Feel Much Less Burdened!

The last 8 weeks or so at work have been miserable with all the time I've spent there rather than at home. My house has literally been falling apart around me. Dog hair EVERYWHERE. The office - a mess. The Scrap Room - a bigger mess. The kitchen and table - a huge mess. Everything a mess! Well, the "Plan" for 2009 is now done and the Sr. Management Meeting is now over and I feel like a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders. I had to give a presentation in the meeting and I was kind of nervous about it, but made it through okay.

I finally vanpooled again today for the first time in about 6-8 weeks and am unsure if I want to keep doing it. Sure, I love saving all the money I do (which is extremely important these days with the economy totally sucking right now), but there is a peace and solace I find in driving by myself each day for that 35-45 minutes each way. I may ask to do four tens instead. I don't know.... At least with vanpooling, it gets me out of the office after 8.75-9 hours whereas when I drive, it's so easy to just stay a little longer.

Holly is here cleaning tonight (yeah!!!) and so hopefully soon I will feel even better. I love it when my house is clean. Too bad the office and scrap room won't be clean too (they need major organizing and purging before she can "clean" them). But, at least this weekend I should have time to work on them. It's supposed to be 74* for the high on Saturday and windy so it will be nice to have the windows open and the A/C turned off. Hopefully I can enjoy the day cleaning up the scrap room and then the office. I won't have to worry about the rest of the house, so that will be good. I think C and I will be headed to The Coral (Golden Corral) for breakfast before he heads to work and then off to do a couple errands.

The ward campout is this weekend and we aren't going, although we sort of would like to. A couple reasons why:
  1. C has to work Friday and Saturday
  2. It may possibly rain up in the mountains and our tent trailer needs a little repair regarding rain.
  3. We don't want to camp in the middle of a field with port-a-potties when there is a group campground not far away that costs the same or less and has actual toilets and tables and tent/trailer pads.
  4. We still are struggling to feel like we're a part of this ward. Now that we're in Primary, we feel even more segregated from the ward and our ability to meet and get to know other adults is even more limited.
  5. I just need to stay home and rest and work on the office and scrap room and spend some quality time with C.

I guess we'll just enjoy being here together. That will be best for us, I think. Well, that's about it for tonight. Gonna head in and see how Holly is coming along with the cleaning and still need to finish part of my "gift" for my cousin, Kristina's, traditions bridal shower that Jennifer is hosting tomorrow. She went and picked up the "stuff" for the gift, but I need to write some things out that she will read to go along with my gift. I hope Kristina likes it! Great idea, Jen! Wish I could be there...the food sounds de-lish!


Cindy said...

Glad those things are done for you. It always feels so good. And it will feel even better as you get the office and scrap room straightened up.

Who is Kristina? Is the traditions shower like the one I do? Sounds fun!

Casey Lu said...

I am glad that the weight at work was lifted! Showers are a blast and I hope your friend has a great one! I think you should be getting an invite to mine hopefully soon!
I need to get the instructions to the plates and the kit for the FHE Board. Do you think I could get them sometime this week? I am finally ok, really Ehren, is moving the kids rooms and my scrap room to make room for the baby. My entire house right now looks like a tornado went through it, lol. Trying to get him to clean it as he goes but not going to well. Hopefully I will have my house clean during the week sometime. Do we have anything this month for Enrichment? Hope you had a great day at church. We stayed home today because we both overdid ourselves moving furniture yesterday.