Saturday, November 29, 2008

Scrapbook Room Update

I haven't worked on the SB room much since Jennifer said she wasn't coming for Thanksgiving, but now that my Dad is coming on Wednesday, I guess I need to finish it. Here are the most current pictures that I took about 2 weeks ago...

I actually took all of the flowers out of 3 of these bottles and tried stuffing them into tilt bins for each of them because I didn't have anywhere to put these little bottles, but then I decided I hated the way that looked, so I put all the flowers back into the bottles and found that they looked really cute with their little metal tags up on top of the tilt bins, so that's where I put them.

I also put this little rolling cart back together that I had taken apart about 2 years ago and put the paper crates back in it and then sat my sewing machine on top of them. Who knew my sewing machine came with a dust cover? I didn't! That is, until I started cleaning up the room and went to throw out the box and discovered it in there! Wow - it's been in there a whole year and I never knew it. That's quite sad, actually.

Look at how little stuff is left on the table! It's all finally coming together! I'm so excited!!! Hopefully, I'll be all done by Tuesday night.
Cindy, I knew you'd love this are always Miss Organization and this picture totally depicts that! I have all of my cardstock in rainbow order and each group of about 200-250 sheets is in a container that is labeled. Obviously, it's pretty easy to see what color is in each holder, and I really only should need labels on those that aren't obvious like my patterned paper or my Bling cardstock, but I still really like having labels on all the containers because it's consistent.
I LOVE this photo because it shows my huge garbage basket FULL of garbage! This was the second time it was full! Yahoo!

This picture isn't really the best, but it's a set of metal crates that I use to hold clear envelopes for all my scraps - by color, along with some tools. It's pretty empty still, but will soon have more residents.

These last two pictures are faves. This is Dog. I mean Koda. He is my constant companion when I'm in here working. Sometimes he gets in the way, but lately, because the weather has been so wonderful, he just sits in front of the window and snorts at passersby. This last picture...he's saying...Mom, aren't you done YET?


Jennifer said...

Man, you have HAVE been busy. I could really have some fun in that room. Maybe next time I come we should make some time for "creating".

Nothing like company to get your cleaning juices flowing!

Jodi said...

Ari loves the dog pictures. Your dog looks a lot like our next door neighbors dogs and ari loves them.