Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve is Finally Here!

First, a brief update from yesterday...

Holly came at 8 a.m. to clean. We worked together and got most everything cleaned. Just need to clean the decorating stuff off the kitchen table and put a few dishes away in the kitchen. Finally unearthed the table at the end of our bed - now just need to put some decor items on it since it will now be a permanent fixture there and I don't want it to become a drop off spot for junk. Also found the cedar chest! For the last year, since we had the wood floors put in, we have not had the bedskirt on the bed because the top mattress was just too heavy for me to lift on my own. So, last time Holly was here, I had her help me and we lifted it with our backs and put the bedskirt on finally. Then, yesterday, I made up the bed for the winter. Yeah, we have the sheets, one light quilt, and I FINALLY put the humongous comforter back on that has been in the closet draped over a chair for the last year. Then, I was finally able to put all the pillows on the bed that belong there and found the cedar chest under them. It looks so beautiful finally made again! I'd forgotten how lovely it is. Did 3 more loads of laundry, put most of the laundry away, folded all the Gs, washed the laundry room rug, and unloaded and loaded the dishwasher.

After we were done cleaning, Holly headed home. I went to the bank, then dropped her pay off at her house, dropped off the tablecloths at Lori's house, stopped at Sonic for a quick bite to munch on, drove into work to give my employees their gifts, stopped at Smart & Final to pick up Daddo's salami (plus ended up getting a bunch of other things), stopped at Fry's to grocery shop for Christmas Eve (what a madhouse and it wasn't even Christmas Eve yet!), then came home, unloaded, put away, C took a snooze for a little bit, then we went to Peter Piper for pizza - 1) it sounded good, 2) in honor of Shelli's family tradition for Christmas Eve. We came home, relaxed for a bit, then went to bed. I always sleep well in a freshly made bed.

Have to share a little bit about my Christmas spirit for the day...

As I was out and about running all my errands, I decided that no matter how busy it was, no matter how crazy the traffic was, or whatever happened, I was not going to get irritated or upset. I was going to have the true Christmas spirit in my heart the whole day. As I was trying to get to work before Jackie left for the day, I must have gotten behind every slow person there was. At first, I started to get irritated. Then, I realized I was getting irritated and I thought to myself, it's your own fault, not theirs. I just dealt with the slowdown and went on my way. I later got caught in a ton of traffic heading home and again, I had to refocus. When I got in the grocey store, there were a bunch of people. Some were in a hurry, others just meandering, others with purpose in their step. Most tried to be civil and most understood that this is just the way it is the day before Christmas Eve. I kept a smile on my face and as I saw people that I knew or talked to people in lines while waiting for the deli or check out, I said Merry Christmas to them with a cheerful smile. I looked for an opportunity to provide service to someone but didn't find anyone.

I received another gift at the door yesterday. Whoever is doing this must certainly be watching when I come and go. Only once have I been home when they have come. Today, I came home from shopping and there was a stable on our doorstep, similar to this one. I immediately put it on my piano, right in the doorway so as soon as you open the door, whoever is standing there can see it. I put my two figurines in it. It looks empty still without the other pieces, put I know there is a point to the order in which things are arriving. I certainly hope I get to thank the person who is doing this for me. I know it is meant to help me remember the true reason for the season.

Now for today. C and I got up and went to breakfast at the Coral. Now, we're home and getting ready to finish up getting ready for this evening. It is so different this year. We have only 3 gifts under the for me and two for C. The two for C are small gifts (but in large boxes), but meaningful. I hope he likes them. It has been so wonderful focusing more on the Savior this year. As we were visiting with our server this morning, we talked of how we aren't really doing the whole gift thing this year, but rather focusing on the true reason of the season - Christ. She seemed a little touched, but I don't think she truly got it.

Well, I better wrap up for now. Have to finish picking up a few things, C has a few chores to help with, still need to mop the wood floors, shower, and get the stuff ready for dinner...oh, and finish decorating the tree! It's so tall that I need a ladder for the last 2-3 feet of it.

Just had an elf arrive at the door with "Mary" for my Secret Santa Nativity!

May the true reason for the season be in your hearts this special night and may you have a wonderful time with your families. Love, Kristin

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