Saturday, February 28, 2009

He's "Torqued"

That really should say "ticked," but it was truly a matter of being "torqued."

On the way home from the vanpool yesterday, I stopped to do some visiting teaching. I kept thinking I should have brought my phone in with me, but then I thought how rude that would be to answer a call in the middle of a visiting teaching visit. So, I left it in the truck.

Wrong thing to do.

C called three times looking for me. This was like the third time or so in the last week or two that he's called every phone number he has for me and I wasn't at any of them. The last time, he just was so irritated because he doesn't understand why he has to carry a cell phone now when I don't carry mine (or have it turned on). Sorry, honey, see above paragraph.

Anyhow, I finished my visit and headed home. I pulled into the driveway and checked the messages. Saw he'd called 3 times so I decided to call him and see where he was. Lo, and behold, he says he's in the Fry's parking lot and that he's got a flat tire and to come up there with him. So, I head out. In the meantime, I remember that my own visiting teacher is scheduled to arrive anytime. So, I call her on her cell phone and she says she's right by Fry's. I ask her to meet me there and we can visit there.

We meet and start visiting while C is working on the tire. soon becomes apparent that he is not having luck getting this tire off! I tell her it would behoove (love that word!) her to go now and she heads off into the sunset. I won't go into all the detail but things did not get any better from there on out.

C was so mad. He rarely gets mad like that. Luckily he never gets mad at me that way! Apparently, when he got new tires put on a while back, the tire company torqued the lugnuts on so tight, that they stripped them and he couldn't get 2 of the 6 off. He struggled and struggled, using his impact wrench and everything, and they still wouldn't come off.

Not one person stopped to ask if we needed help. Not even our next door neighbors who just moved out last weekend. Tons of people stopped or slowed down to look, but nobody asked (except my visiting teacher - you rock, girl) if we needed help. What a sad world we live in!

Finally, I'm told to call a tow truck so we can have it towed to the dealership so they can get the lugnuts off...if they can. I go home, find a towing company, arrange for a pick up, and head back to C. An hour later - 8:15 p.m. - still no tow truck. C tells me to call and cancel and we'll just deal with it in the morning. So, we lock it up and leave it sitting there like an abandoned, stolen vehicle in the parking lot.This morning, we headed back over to the Fry's parking lot and again, waited for a tow truck. Luckily, he came pretty quickly (thanks Valley Towing) and off we went to the dealership. Then, I dropped C off at work (which, had I known the tow truck was headed there too, I would have just asked him to take C along) and I went inside to do some shopping. I went in with every intention to buy storage items, but of course, all the couponers have already been there or else they didn't carry the size I needed. A bunch of money later, I came out with hardly one thing that had been on my list, but a TON of other things I really didn't need!

I raced home only to find out Holly was unable to come again this week. Ew....the dog hair is everywhere. I guess the Roomba needs to run more frequently, Dog needs a good brushing, and I just need to clean when Holly can't come!

Eventually, the dealership called with the total and cha-ching...$241 later, we were done. Off I raced to pick up C at 5 p.m. and then dropped him off at the dealership. Raced off to the adult session of Stake Conference. C finally showed up around 6:20. Had a very good conference - more to report tomorrow, then tried to go out to dinner with a few people from church but it didn't work out so we just went to Olive Garden by ourselves.

Long, long day...need some serious upliftment tomorrow!

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