Saturday, April 11, 2009

Jennifer's Family Arrives!

Jennifer and her family decided to come for a week to Arizona for a vacation. I was so glad they chose to come visit us. We don't get a lot of family visits, so this was a treat for us. They arrived last Saturday in the early afternoon. The boys hung out with C and me while Jen and Shane went to do some shopping to help out the Easter bunny. Jonah had left a cute little note at home for the Easter bunny telling him where they were since they would not be home this year for Easter. Koda was super excited that the kids were here and he couldn't get enough of them.

We all went to Macayo's for dinner tonight. Yum-o-la. So good. It was one of the places that Jen definitely wanted to go to eat while they were here. We ate and ate the chips and salsa and then our meals finally arrived. I love that baja sauce. So did she!

Love this picture I took of Taylor. I can't believe how grown up he's getting. He will be driving before we know it!

After dinner, we came home and colored Easter eggs. I learned that C had never dyed Easter eggs before! How sad... At first, he wasn't going to participate, but then he decided to come over to the table and he got into it with us.
He was the only one to make a brown egg...but it was actually a pretty cool color of brown. He reminded me of my dad when we were young. He would always put tape on the eggs or make multi-colored eggs. C did the same kind of things. It was fun to watch him.

I had cut out some things on my vinyl cutter to put on the eggs to mask off areas for designs. Jonah learned very quickly how to do it and had to show everyone. Soon, Clint and Shane and Taylor started disappearing from the kitchen. So, Jonah and I finished up the last of the FIVE DOZEN eggs I'd boiled, while Jen made her Jello for tomorrow.
By the time we were at the end, we started to get a little crazy with the colors and we'd also learned to just use food coloring rather than wasting your money on the coloring kits from the store. The food coloring is just deeper and richer if you want your eggs like that or does pastel colors REALLY quick.
We all were exhausted by this time so we headed for bed and the Easter bunny soon arrived...


Ann Marie said...

How fun to have them there with you guys! I bet that was fun! Those eggs look AWESOME! Great job! Yeah, I learned the hard way this year...I am NEVER buying the kits again. It's food coloring for me now! I'm glad that you had a good time with them there!

Jennifer said...

That WAS fun!