Monday, April 13, 2009

More of Jen's Visit

I took today off so Jen and her family and I could hang out. I knew they'd be moving over to their hotel later in the day and I wasn't sure how much more we'd get to be together during the week, so I thought this would be good.

Shane worked on the computer for me and determined that it literally just sucked. It was so old that it didn't make sense to try and upgrade it, etc. C has been bugging me to hook up the computer he bought "to meet women" instead of continuing to use mine. Also, we've been paying for two internet services for over a year because I hadn't hooked up the new one that I ordered a while back. I'm SO glad Shane took care of that for me because it ended up not being as easy as it should have been. He worked on all the computer stuff while Jen and I worked on cleaning up the office.

She had me going through all kinds of stuff throwing this and that out, organizing this and that, and just making tons of progress. It's been needing to be done for so long, but with the hours I work and then coming home late, etc., I'm just usually exhausted and don't feel like doing anything. Then, on the weekends, it's cleaning up, running errands, etc. So, I truly appreciated her help with this. I see now why my dad doesn't work on cleaning up his house - once it comes to a certain point of messiness, you just don't know where to start. I kind of got teary-eyed and Jen asked what was wrong. I said it was sad how I can make multi-million dollar decisions, but I can't even keep my office at home cleaned up and organized. She was very sweet about it and just helped me along.

We hung up some shelves above the closet that C had bought about 2 years ago and then we put all of his old cameras on them. Eventually I'll spray paint the shelves black so they match the frames I'm going to paint black, but for now, at least they are out of the boxes, up on the wall, and the cameras are on them. The boys filled up our small swimming pool and played in it while their mom and dad helped me. Doesn't Taylor look especially cute with his new goggles on?

After a few hours, we left and got Jen's family checked into their hotel. Then C met up with us at the hotel and we sat out in the sun while Shane, C, and the boys swam. Jen and I just talked and relaxed in the sun. Then, we all went to Applebee's for dinner. Everyone was wiped out from the sun. We headed home and Jen's fam went back to their hotel. Back to work for me tomorrow...

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