Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Not Much New Going On

Let's see....since my last entry....

  1. I've worked - yay! There are just so many people out of work right now. I am so incredibly blessed and grateful for the job I have and love.
  2. My health has improved somewhat. I still get tired easily and toward the middle of the week I just want to sleep a lot more. I even started vanpooling again this week (I hadn't done that for the last two weeks because it was so hard getting up at 3:45 in the morning being sick).
  3. C and I bought a pressure cooker! Eh, you say? Yes, I've turned into my mother. I remember as a child she had these pressure cookers that on Sunday, she would use one to cook a roast in. I remember that noise - ch, chch, ch, chch, ch, etc. - that it would make as it pressure cooked the meat. Last Sunday, while we were resting on the sofa, we were watching QVC and they had an electric pressure cooker on there for sale. It was just too much and it was only 4 quart size. But, it was electric! I have a ceramic cooktop and I'd heard and read that you couldn't use a pressure cooker on those. But, if I had an electric one, I would have to worry about that. Then, they showed the price - $75. I didn't want to spend that much. So, C decided to buy one at work on Monday. But, when he got it home, it wouldn't work on our stovetop because it was concave on the bottom (thus don't use it on ceramic stovetops). So, off we went to find one at Target or Bed, Bath, and Beyond. But, no such luck. We then tried Kohl's the next night. I had a 15% off coupon and it was already on sale too. But, when we got to the register, the coupon didn't start until today. So, C headed back today to get it. Thus, when I walked in from work tonight, this is what I, chch, ch, chch, ch, chch, ch, ch, chch, ch, chch, chch, ch....oh, and the dinner - not bad!
  4. I got to talk with my wonderful friend in Las Vegas last night. I am so glad we are friends and that we found each other again after so many years apart. She and I just know when the other one needs to talk. We've been through so many similar things in our lives. I just love her so much. I'm so proud of the mom she is and the traditions she has brought into her home from her husband's heritage. And...I so hope I can find a way to go see her in The Savior of the World. What a great opportunity for her!
  5. I've gotten to talk with my sister quite a bit lately in preparation for her visit. I am excited that she and her family have decided to stay in Arizona for their entire trip rather than heading off to Vegas for part of it!
  6. I've finally gotten to talk with my cousin! She is on her new job adventure and it seems like I hardly get to talk with her lately.
  7. We get to hold Easter at our home this year. I don't think I can remember the last time I did that!
  8. I ordered some more case lot sale stuff from Utah today and Jen is going to bring it to us. I also ordered 2 more new water barrels. I really feel like we're making some good progress on getting our food storage in order. Now, I really need to get it organized and put away. I also need to create a menu plan and make sure I have enough for a year's worth of those meals, etc.
  9. My Aunt Rula Ipson died the other day - on Monday or Tuesday. I can't remember. But, I do remember her house in Junction. I always will remember those REALLY steep stairs going upstairs. I loved to go up there. I remember Uncle Morrill driving us through the "town" (more like a village to me) on his tractor. He died many, many years ago...but I just loved him. I'm sure he and Aunt Rula are happy to be together again after all these years!
  10. This past Saturday was our community yard sale. I decided to put a few things out to give away for free. They were all gone within just a short amount of time! Yay! Less junk in the garage!
  11. The Scouts were asking for donations of eating utensils and pots and pans. C called Brad and told him we would be glad to donate some old pots and pans. C asked about utensils and I said that I'd be glad to give the Scouts all of C's garage sale silverware. It's all mismatched and cheapy and what not. Well, Brad came over while Derek was here doing the yards and so I got out the pots and pans from the garage cabinets and gave it to him, telling him I'd bring the silverware by later. When C got home, I was all proud of myself that I'd taken care of that for him and he asked which pots and pans I'd given. I told him the ones in the garage cabinets and he ran to open them. I had given away his GOOD, industrial cookware...worth $500 (he says)! He was not too pleased at all. But, throughout the weekend, he teased me a lot about it and just said oh well. Gotta love him....especially for the fact that he let me buy a new 8 place setting set of silverware...(although, now I think I really need 12 place settings! I don't know why I didn't think of that when we were at the store!)....and he ended up giving in (again) and letting me get the pattern I liked.
  12. I am so grateful for a husband that loves me - no matter what a wicked wretch I am. He puts up with me and always keeps loving me. Love you, man!


Ann Marie said...

I'm sure jealous of your food storage and all your connections out there. How nice! Hey, I was wondering if you have a good list of what should be in a 72 hour kit? I am trying to get my done well (right now they're just thrown together) and thought you might be the go to girl! You're awesome!

I was sorry to hear about Aunt Rula. I hadn't heard that yet. Thanks for mentioning it!

Love you!

Jodi said...

What a sweetie clint is. Glad you guys were able to help the scouts.