Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Let's Go Deep Sea Fishing!

We started the day off by heading out to find "The Broken Yolk Cafe" on Garnet Ave. Melon Man calls it The Busted Egg. Either way, it's a bustin' breakfast joint. Five minutes from order to full on breakfast.

He said he'd seen it before, so we didn't bother putting the address into the GPS system. We should have, but we didn't. After driving back and forth for about 15 minutes, we finally saw it on the opposite side of the street where we'd been looking. We found a quick parking spot "behind" the restaurant and made our way in. Luckily, it wasn't too crowded just yet so we got a table right away.

We looked over the menu and Melon Man chose his boring eggs, sausage, toast, etc. breakfast, while I went a little more "Californian" by having an omelet with avocado, asparagus, mushrooms, sausage, and jack cheese. It also came with hashbrowns and a blueberry muffin.

My omelet came out still a little runny inside, but was edible. It didn't have much flavor though so I ended up salting and peppering it quite a bit. The hashbrowns were gloppy and the muffin...well, it was more like cake batter that had been poured into a cupcake pan and spilled over the top. It wasn't muffin-like at all.

We decided we wouldn't need to go here again. Too bad...it seemed at first like a great place for breakfast. But, it just wasn't. Oh well.

Next, we headed off to find a Payless Shoe Store so I could buy some different tennis shoes. I had taken my orthotics out of mine because I didn't want them to get any water on them on the boat, and consequently, there was no support in the shoes now and it was horribly painful trying to walk. So, off to Payless to find a new pair of shoes. I bought a pair of slip-on generic Keds and also a pair of good sneakers that had a lot of support (which I still was not going to wear on the boat but wanted to get them for regular daily wear). So...back to the hotel to change shoes, use the tinkletorium, etc. and then off to Point Loma Sportfishing we went.

This was the first day since we'd gotten here that the marine layer and a ton of clouds hung around. Usually it had burned off by 9-ish in the morning, but not today. It was noon and it was still dismal. I was actually glad because being out on the ocean for 5 hours in full-on sun would be hot, humid, and sun-burning.

Doesn't the marina look fun? I would love to own a boat that we could keep there and use when we go out to SD. There is just something about the ocean that I love. Must be something about it that those who grow up around it always want to flock back to it if they've moved away (I read on Jen's blog that she craves to be near the ocean too so this makes sense since we lived in SD as kids).

There is a little restaurant here in the ticket/tackle building that I'd like to try sometime. People were eating their lunch on the back patio overlooking our boat as we left. Awesome!

This is us as we were pulling out of the dock. I wish I'd stood behind Melon Man. Geez...I need to lose weight....

Don't ask me why Melon Man never smiles unless I do this little thing to make him....He just doesn't for some odd reason. Notice the good luck fishing shirt I made him wear? Yeah...I hoped it would help....

We got on the boat and this was the sign we saw. Cute. I don't ever get seasick. I like the feel of the ocean. Now...if the swells get really big...that might be a different story.

Melon Man looking at San Diego as we head out of the Bay. He truly loves it here. I really do too. Maybe we will move here some day. I don't know...it's kind of just wishful thinking.

These birds are so smart. They have learned that when the boats with the big poles go driving out to sea, they are bound to get some yummy fish so they follow the boat the whole way out. This pelican was hilarious. He was the only one at this point and he was just flapping for all he was worth to keep up. He wasn't as daring as the sea gulls to try and swoop down and see if there were any fish in the bait tanks yet, but he kept a good eye on us.

One thing we really noticed this time was the military presence. This big naval ship was being well-guarded by helicopters and the coast guard. In fact, it seemed like they didn't like how close our little fishing boat was because they watched us pretty closely until we got further away from it.

We made it to the bait boxes and we loaded up with little fishies to use as bait. It's so sad that they are bred just to be food for the bigger fish...but, I guess that's the way it's supposed to be.

I took this little video of how they load the bait onto the boat...check it out.

While we were loading bait, I looked over on the other side of the boat and saw this....8 huge pelicans sitting there patiently for us to throw them some of our bait. No way you big beak birds! Get your own!

So, finally, we were done loading up bait and we started heading out to sea. Melon Man saw this other naval boat and was trying to take a picture of it for his dad because he said that his dad used to either be on one or work on one or something like that (I couldn't hear for sure because of the loud boat engine). So...he took this picture. Now...can YOU tell what kind of boat/ship that is from this picture? Nope, me either. Good try honey, but use the zoom next time.

So, I took the camera and zoomed in and this is what we saw instead. Yeah, kinda scary. That dude is aiming a machine gun at us. He's just patroling the waters though to keep our country safe, so I guess it's okay, as long as his finger is NOT on the trigger!

And, here is one of the helicopters patroling the Bay from the sky. It was kind of an ominous feeling seeing all of this, but in today's world, how else can you keep a country safe?

Next, our lovely boys on the Coast Guard boat....Yeah, they had guns too. Geez, boys, all we have are fishin' poles and bait.

Finally...the Point Loma lighthouse. I'd never been so close to the real Point Loma before. Actually, I wasn't this time either....again, thank goodness for zoom.

So, we finally made it out to the La Jolla kelp beds. Melon Man and I were stuck on the port side of the boat again and once again, did not catch anything for the first two hours. Then, a nice little woman, oh goodness, what was her name???, offered to let me use her pole and she helped me. Immediately, I caught this little calico bass. I then caught two more. Then, we moved. Then, I caught two mackeral, but they were too small to keep so I had to throw them back. Then, I caught two more calico, but they too were too small. And then that was it. No more for me. I was done. Melon Man had given up by that point. All of the clouds had burned off and we were now getting burned...me more than him. We were going to hurt tonight!

We started to head back to port and some people we had met on the boat took this lovely picture of us...Fatty girl and Melon Man. All I can hear in my head looking at this picture is an old German lady saying "Oh Kissylein, you need to eat some oatmeal. You are too fat!"

Here's a close up picture. We don't look too red, but we really were. The sun was just shining on us really brightly. We look happy though, don't we! (And, we are.)

Below is a picture of the folks we met on the boat. It was funny...we were on this boat with them for 5 hours. Half an hour before we are done, we're talking about where we all are from and the conversation goes something like this:

Them: So, where are you guys from?
Us: Arizona. You?
Them: Us too! What part?
Us: Phoenix Metro area.
Them: Really? What part?
Us: [We told them the name of our city.]
Them: No way! What are your cross roads?
Us: [Okay, now I'm getting a little freaked. Why do these people we don't know wanting to know where we live? So, I told them the cross roads...]
Them: So, are you in [name of subdivision here]?
Us: Yes!
Them: We used to live there too! We were on [street name here].
Us: Oh my gosh, that's just around the corner practically from our house!

Literally, they lived just a couple of streets away. Actually, "lived" is a relative term. They sold that house about three years ago, just as the housing market turned to crap. Lucky them.
As we headed back into dock, more and more birds showed up. It probably had something to do with the fact that the deckhands were cleaning and fileting all of the 130 fish that the folks on the boat had caught that afternoon. I was afraid one of the birds would poop on my head and I'd have to go take a shower before going to dinner. I didn't want that to happen because taking a shower right after getting sunburned is a VERY BAD thing. Just ask me, my mom, and Mr. Spock. I did it once and they had to deal with me and it was VERY BAD. Oh, and in case you don't know who Mr. Spock is...it's "him." (Yes, I finally came up with a name for him)

Well, no birdie poop, so off we went, back to the hotel, changed out of our fishy clothes, and headed to Filippi's Pizza Grotto. Melon Man found our favorite parking spot - in the back - with no problem. We started with the ever popular and yummy sourdough garlic bread. Yum - like always. Not the best picture though because this was of the second basket and it was sliced weird. We gobbled up the first basket too fast to remember to take a picture.

Our super yummy pepperoni pizza. The best. Jen - do you remember how good it is? Oh, it is. It definitely is. I could eat it all the time. If we lived in SD, I'd be bigger than I am now.

See, even red-nosed Melon man gives it the thumbs up. He looks tired, doesn't he? We were. It was a long afternoon out on the ocean. Fun, but long. I feel an early night coming on...

So, we headed back to the hotel, put our remaining two pieces of pizza in the fridge with the ribs and our fish, laid down, and went nighty-night. What a fun, fast vacation it has been. It definitely needs to be longer next time!

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Jennifer said...

Looks like lots of fun. I could have gone for the fishing and the pizza.