Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July 1st - Already?

Time to break out the Christmas music!!!

UPDATE: All of our San Diego trip posts below have now been updated/added, as well as some other posts!

I can't believe it's July 1st already. My, how time flies. June was lovely. Not too hot. Unfortunately, no monsoon storms yet though and the old official way of beginning the monsoon season hasn't happened yet so it just feels odd. Hopefully we will get some monsoon action SOON!

Work today was odd. Trying to catch up from being gone. Lots of email. Missed a conference call because I was dealing with a small employee issue. Still need to finish unpacking the boxes in my office. Most are done, but have a few left. Starting on the 2010 Plan this month. That, along with the July monthly forecast, means a lot of long days ahead, especially with travelling again in a week and a half.

I was tagged today by my cousin Cindy to tell 7 things about me that are not well known. Here goes...

1. I went inactive in the church while I attended the almighty BYU. I got tired of being bombarded by the Relief Society President every Sunday night when I got home from spending the weekend at home with my family - an hour away - about why I wasn't in church that day. Plus, I didn't have a strong enough testimony to care at that point in my life about what going to church every Sunday truly meant and would mean later in life.

2. If I'm going 55 or faster, I'm afraid to drive more than 3 miles an hour over the speed limit in fear of getting a ticket. For some reason, I don't have that fear so much if I'm going slower than 55 mph.

3. I almost lost my eyesight because I wore my contacts too long for too long and my eyes grew new capillaries to try to get oxygen. Now I have to wear glasses all the time and will never be able to wear contacts again.

4. When I was 14, my cousin, David and I made out...a lot. If you know him, you can see why.

5. When I was about 7 or 8 or 9, my friend Mike and I turned the water off to an entire campground where our families were camping. We got in big trouble from the forest ranger...and our parents.

6. I hate anything lemon, except lemonade and even more so, I hate every single thing raspberry.

7. Melon Man and I were sealed in the Mesa temple to our former spouses on the exact same day, just 15 years apart!


Jennifer said...

Interesting! Especially the sealings. And now, there it is in black and white, kissing cousins - you naughty girl!

Cindy said...

I never knew that about you and David!

Thanks for playing the game. You need to tag some now!