Thursday, August 27, 2009

Heat, Go Away!

Have you ever tried to eat a soft serve ice cream cone in 113* heat? Yeah, it doesn't last very long at all.

I was on my way home today and it was so hot that I decided to stop at McDonald's for an ice cream. I even decided to get the large one and I NEVER do that! But...within just about 12 seconds of being handed my ice cream, this started to happen to it. It just started to melt and I could barely keep up with it! Even though I had the A/C on in the truck and the truck had been hauling down the road for the last 20 minutes, it still was not cool enough inside the truck to keep my ice cream cone from sloshing down the sides and onto my hand. I licked as fast as I could. I bet I was a gross site to see as the cars whizzed past me! But, it sure tasted good! I will be so glad when the heat finally cools down. This is ridiculous!

I'm glad that it is almost Friday. I really need some rest. I can feel some serious tiredness coming on. We start our new church hours this Sunday - 2 to 5 p.m. Yuck...and in the heat of the day. Oh well, at least it's only until the end of the year and then we move to 8 to 11 a.m.! Woo hoo! We'll be done by 11 and then will be able to just chill at home with each other. Lookin' forward to that!


Cindy said...

Yes, that is not the most ideal time. We had that once when they were building a new chapel and we had several wards in one building. But you're right--only a few months and than early. But I don't like that one either. My fave is 11-2!

Jodi said...

I love the late time. It was really nice when Ari was a baby. We would have a nap and then off to church happy. I would die if I had the 8am time. I can barley make it by 9am

Giselle Rasheta said...

Yum, I LOVE McDonald's ice cream. I could eat a hot fudge sundae everyday of my life!