Thursday, August 20, 2009


Twice I have borrowed my former boss's pressure washer to clean our patio. With all the dirt we have here in our little farming town, our patio gets quite dirty. Add to that two little dogs that love to lay in the dirt as well as dig in the dirt, and then add in a big dog that LOVES to dig and fling dirt everywhere, it kind of lends itself to a horribly dirty patio. Oh, and don't forget all the birds that eat the dog food that the dogs haven't yet eaten by morning and you've got yourself one gross patio. Anyhow, after using the pressure washer to clean our patio, I decided there is no other way! Sweeping doesn't really do much and neither does using a hose.

Since all of our Arizona family (both mine and Melon Man's less Lary because he's traveling) and Dad will be here on Sunday for dinner for Melon Man's ordination, I wanted the patio to be clean (because, like I said, it was disgusting). He and I have been considering buying a pressure washer, but just couldn't justify spending that kind of money on something we'd probably only use once or twice a year. But, we recently found one at Home Depot for a reasonable price so we decided to get it. It is nice because it also will use soap so that will be nice for the patio chair cushions and the BBQ. We can also use it to wash the cars, wash the windows, spray down the fences, wash the house, hose down the driveway, and spray off all the plants in the yard so they look nice and vibrant green! I'm sure we will find other uses for it as we go along, but I think those are a pretty good beginning list!

So, before Melon Man headed off to work this morning, and after we got home from The Coral for breakfast, he began cleaning off the patio.

Yuck. Neither he, nor I, could believe how much dirt there was on it along with dog hair. It took him a good half an hour to spray down the patio walls, windows, table, and actual patio area.

He didn't really even get to the rest of the patio furniture or the BBQ. He will finish those up tomorrow morning before work. It will be so nice to have a clean patio again!

While he was outside, I was inside folding laundry. A long time ago, I decided to buy a huge bunch of kitchen towels. I got tired of doing little loads of kitchen towels and washcloths. So, I added a bit more to my supply.

Now, I have enough that it takes me about 2 months to go through them all before I have to wash the load. But, when I have to wash it, it then is a huge load to fold and put away. So, needless to say, that's what I did while Melon Man was cleaning the patio.

Dog just sat at the end of the rug watching Melon Man through the patio door, yet still being close to me. Dad fell asleep on the sofa after his huge breakfast at The Coral.

Still have do dishes, relocate food storage, finish cleaning out the closet, go to Good Will, put laundry away, finish making the bed, go grocery shopping, give Dad and Melon Man haircuts, and whatever else needs to be done. Already got the maps made telling how to get to our new ward building that will go in the Relief Society binder to go along with our enrichment activity announcements for next week's activity that I'm so excited for (was up and awake at 6 a.m. so did them then). Also dropped off all the clothes at the dry cleaners on our way home from breakfast. Haven't done much, but have done more than yesterday!

Dad's moved on to his bed now and is asleep again. He's hot, as usual, so laying under the fan in his room makes being here more comfortable for him. Unfortunately, every time he comes, it's always hot. It's like it knows he's coming so it heats up really bad and then cools off when he leaves. Weird....


Cindy said...

Too too funny with the music! I've wondered about the pressure washers. Glad you could get one! Have a really nice weekend.

Love You--

Jennifer said...

That is disgusting! Glad you are getting it cleaned off. I know that it has bugged you for a while.

I sure wish we could be there this weekend. Love you!

Jodi said...

It is funny that your dad always finds the heat with you. Whenever we going camping or somewhere with him he always brings the rain to us. Maybe we should get together so he can find the perfect weather.