Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tomorrow's the Big Day!

I think I'm all ready for tomorrow. The house is clean, the patio as clean as it's going to get, the yard done, the shopping done, the spaghetti sauce made, the tablecloths ironed and on one table, the dishes ready to be set on the table tomorrow morning after the other table is brought in the house, clothes dry cleaned and pressed and ready to go, wood floors mopped, dishes done. I'm worn out.

Dad and I were up and out the door by about 8:15 this morning. We first went to Sprouts to get the garlic sourdough bread for tomorrow's dinner. I bought 4 loaves. Oh my. This bread is so awesome. It's the only bread I have found that even remotely comes close to the sourdough garlic bread at Filippi's in San Diego which we love. At first, we couldn't find it. I started to panic a little bit. I really wanted THIS bread for tomorrow. I then saw a worker at the store come out of the bakery area and asked her about it. She pointed me in the direction of the ONE loaf of the bread that they did have. I asked if they had anymore and luckily, she found 3 more loaves in the freezer. Perfect! So, from there, we headed to the dry cleaners to drop off some Discover signage that I'd promised them when I took my clothes in the other day and learned they had none. It was just 1/4 of a mile from Sprouts, so it was a quick stop. From there, we headed to the new Fry's, which I love, and picked up the sausage for the spaghetti along with $70+ worth of other things. Then, off to Walgreens to pick up Melon Man's meds and then to Sonic for a couple bags of Sonic ice for tomorrow. Love that ice!

Headed home and Melon Man had done everything on his "Honey Please Do" list. Thank you sweetie. He's always VERY good about helping me if I just leave him a list. I really appreciate that. Around noon, I went and got Holly and Melon Man headed off to work. Holly hauled butt around the house and Dad worked on his email and babysat the dogs. I worked on stuff around the house. After Holly left, I finished making the bed. Then, I mopped the wood floors. What a pain. I LOVE my wood floors, but I also hate my wood floors. I think if I didn't have dogs, I would like them more, but Koda's dander and hair and drool just make them a pain to keep clean since they are dark. But, they look very nice right now so that's good. There was one point where I was mopping and I sat down on the sofa for a minute. Somehow, I fell asleep for about an hour with the mop in my hand and my head just hanging down! Finished mopping, then started making the meat for our taco salad for dinner, along with all the meat and veggies for the spaghetti sauce. We finally ate dinner and waited for Melon Man to come home. I must have been tired because, once again, I zonked out. I woke up and Melon Man had called and said he was on his way home and I was going to go put a pizza in the oven for him, but I felt like I was nothing but dead weight and I couldn't move! It took me a good 10 minutes to get moving. By then, he was home!

Just finished ironing both tablecloths for the tables. (I detest ironing tablecloths!) Funny thing...when we bought our new dining set last summer, we looked at a set that was 12 feet long. It could easily seat 12 people. We highly considered it, but then decided it just was not what I wanted and it was "excessive" and excessively large. Now, I'm wishing we did have it! But, we're just going to bring in the porta-table and put a matching tablecloth on it too and everything will be fine. At first, I was going to squish everyone except the 3 kids around the big table and then move the coffee table into the eating area for the kids, but decided against that this evening. I think this other way will be better.

It's late now and I have to get up early to finish setting the tables so I'm going to bed. I hope everything turns out fine tomorrow and that the day goes well. It's a special day for my special man that I love...

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Shelli Clark said...

Honey, how I wish we could be there...I swapped lessons with the 4th Sunday teacher when we went to Disneyland on my usual 2nd Sunday. If I was not teaching RS today, Jason and I would be there. Please know how proud we are of MM for this great accomplishment in his life. He is a worthy man and we are so happy for both of you. We will be there in spirit.