Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

Yesterday was cleaning day.  The house was mostly all cleaned.  Still need to work on the office and the scrapbook room before Julie and her family arrive.  I've decided we just have too much crap and need to continue to sort and purge.  As I was looking for some parts to a craft from last year's Super Saturday that I'm selling to someone, I decided I really need a whole month to just clean and purge.  I need someone to be my gopher...I'll sit there and go through everything and direct what to do with it all.  I seriously want to roll the giant garbage and recycle bins into the house and just dump stuff in them.  But, I have a lot of good stuff to do things with or to keep so it will be a big job either way. 

It was so nice to have a nice little dinner with Melon Man and have everything cleaned up - especially this morning when I got up.  I was up and showered by 8:45 this morning - even had my makeup on by 9.  Jennifer called and I helped her with the header for her blog.  Then, I finished up the vinyl I needed to get done for a couple of local ladies who ordered some.  Soon, it was time to get into my dress for church and we were off. 

In Sacrament meeting, we had a talk on tithing and another one on provident living.  Melon Man and I both deduced that there must be some major problems in the ward with these.  We were also asked to pray especially hard on Tuesday for the hearts of those who are opposing the new Phoenix temple to be softened and that the temple will be able to go forward.

Something else happened in church today that just made my heart full.  This picture is of Joel Hills Johnson.  He is the brother of my great, great, great, grandmother, Esther Maleta Johnson.  He wrote the words to High on the Mountain Top.  That was our opening hymn today.  I'm so used to people playing it slowly that it quickly shocked me when Brother Baumann started belting it out on the organ.  It was PHENOMENAL!  I truly felt Joel's spirit there with us.  He would have been very proud.  It was so great.  Everyone was singing so loud.  Louder than I EVER heard in our old ward.  I cannot wait until next month when we get to sing Christmas hymns in Sacrament Meeting.  I love it how Brother Baumann plays them.  He really puts a lot of effort into making the music meaningful to the ward members.  He will end up turning on the bells and such for a few of the songs.  I can't wait!!!

Came home from church and Melon Man grilled some ribeye steaks on the BBQ while I made some fried potatoes with onions.  I added some of my secret recipe prime rib rub as the seasoning and they were fabulous.  We had that with a salad.  I just finished taking a blackberry and peach cobbler out of the oven, so I'm off to have some dessert with Melon Man before I head off to bed and start the week over....


Angela said...

I love it when songs that are meant to be upbeat are played that way! I hate it when they are played slow when they are not supposed to be. Our chorister is really good at directing them as they are written.

Shelli Clark said...

You have rib eyes in your freezer for food storage? Dude, I'm so jealous!