Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What About "Work Her In" Don't You Understand?

I forced myself to get up early this morning so I could call the doctor's office and try to get an appointment for today.  However, I was unable to get the stupid staff at the doctor's office to comprehend what the doctor means when he says "have them work you in."  I guess I should have just told them to go talk to him, but I didn't think about that. Instead, all they could do is arrange an appointment with their nurse practitioner for tomorrow. I about lost it. I told them I didn't want to see her. That I wanted to see the doctor - someone who was trained to deal with my problem. They gave me some song and dance about how she was trained the same as the doctor, but just couldn't do surgeries or deliver babies. Excuse me? I think not. Finally, they told me the best they could do is I could see her and she would consult with the doctor. I finally relented and gave in just so I could get in to see SOMEONE.

The rest of the day I just layed on the sofa or bed and rested or slept.  Still bleeding pretty heavily, but the pill they prescribed seems to be starting to help a little.

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