Thursday, December 10, 2009

Another Beautiful Sunrise

I couldn't help it.  Today is another day with another beautiful sunrise.  Taking pictures while driving isn't recommended, but I had to capture this.  It was a lovely start to an otherwise not so lovely day.

There was one other good thing that happened today.  (I'm trying to stay away from all my negative feelings right now.)  Back in September, I was in charge of a project at work for D******* Cares Month.  It is our big volunteerism month where everyone throughout the company is encouraged (or forced!) to do volunteerism.  The project I was in charge of was coordinating the purchasing, stuffing, and shipping of 275 care packages to U.S. service members from Arizona.  It was a LOT of work.  Luckily, a lot of people helped.  But, I was very glad when I could say that it was done.  Today, I received this letter in the mail from a service member.  It made every drop of sweat, every moment of work, worth it.

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