Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's Christmas Eve Eve!

Day 3 of back at work went well.  Quiet.  Got lots done.  Left at 2:30.  Auf wiedersehn until Monday!

Traffic was horrible on the way home.  Did everyone take today off or get off early?  What was up with all the cars on the road?  It took FOR-EV-ER to get home.  I stopped off at Archie's and bought my $8 loaf of seeded rye bread.  Yes, it was $8.  It's a good thing it's GREAT bread!  I have a hard time paying $2 for a loaf of bread, but $8?  It's for our special Christmas Eve dinner though, so I'm okay with paying that once in a while.  I tried to buy our sourdough there too, but they wouldn't sell any.  What?  Oh well.

Next, I headed off to the grocery store to buy the last few things for tomorrow's dinner - the fresh deli meats and the havarti cheese.  The girl slicing it all did a really good job this time.  Last year, she practically ruined a bunch of our cheeses because she just slapped it on the papers and it was all broken by the time I got home.  This time, I asked her to please be very careful with it and she was.  So, the dinner stuff is all ready now.

I FINALLY got the ornaments on the tree.  I only put about half of what I had on it last year though.  The up and down of the ladder just didn't feel good on me and I was a little wobbly on it so I just did what I could.  It still turned out nice.

I got the tablecloth and decor from Thanksgiving finally off the table and got out the red tablecloth to put on.  It needs to be ironed though and I'm too tired now to do it so I'll do it tomorrow.

I'm so happy we're still having Christmas Eve here at our house.  I'm so GRATEFUL that I am feeling so much better and am able to do this.  The last 7 weeks have been horrible and I've literally felt like my body was dying.  The last 3 days have been so wonderful.  I actually feel alive again.  I actually feel like I have energy running through my body.  I'm just so happy!

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