Sunday, December 20, 2009

Still Not Up to Par, But Improving

On Friday I went to the foot doctor and had a check up on my toes.  They are healing well, he said.  He had to pull off some skin growth that occurs and it hurt really bad when he was doing it.  It's kind of's almost like he's pulling off a whole new nail or such, but it's not a nail.  It then leaves a big empty chunk of fresh skin but within a day or so of pulling it off, the toe feels MUCH better since that chunk of stuff was actually tightening up and pulling on the skin under it before.

After the foot doctor, I came home and went right to the sofa.  I slept there from 9:30 until almost 3 pm.  It felt really good.  I woke up and decided I felt well enough to come in and work on some Christmas presents since I'd just be sitting to do them.

I sent out the above e-Christmas card first and then I worked on the presents for about 4 hours.  That was enough.  I was spent.  It's amazing how doing ANYTHING still sucks the life out of me.  I ended up having to have Melon Man bring something home to make for dinner - and then he had to make it too.  I just wasn't feeling well enough to do it.

On Saturday, we were going to get up and go to breakfast and then run to the grocery store so we could buy a prime rib roast to stick in the freezer for New Year's.  But, things didn't work out so we never got to either place.  Melon Man helped me "pick up" stuff around the house before he left so I didn't have a whole lot to do.  I was finally able to drive again as of Saturday so I went to pick Holly up so she could come and clean. The house was so dirty and dusty and gross.  I worked some more on the Christmas presents, but all of a sudden, around 3-ish, I didn't feel well.  I had a horrible pain in my neck and it was hurting my head so badly that I just went and laid down on my bed and told Holly not to worry about any noise or such - it wouldn't bother me.  I zonked out until she was done.  She arranged for someone to come pick her up and I was very grateful that I didn't have to drive her home feeling like I was.  Once she left, I immediately went back to bed and I slept until 6 pm or so.  I was finally feeling better when I woke up.  I went in and worked on the program for church and then started to make dinner so Melon Man could eat when he got home from work.  But, then my neck and head pain started to come back again.  I took an Aleve and hoped it would soon go away.  We ate dinner and watched tv for a bit - Christmas Vacation - AGAIN - and then I zonked out while Melon Man watched the "screamers" (The McLaughlin Group).  Finally, he was ready to go to bed so we did.

Now, it's Sunday morning and I am up, feeling okay-ish.  I'm going to attempt to go to church today - at least to Sacrament meeting.  I've missed the last 3 Sundays and I'm very sad because I've missed hearing Brother Baumann play the organ with the bells on.  I look forward to that every year!  Plus, today is the ward musical program so I'd like a little Christmas uplift today.  Melon Man is going to bring in the ornaments and help me decorate the tree so that will be done since it's just a barren tree still.  I asked him last night if it would be okay if I left it bare and that's when he offered to help so I guess it really does need to be decorated.  It's weird just barely having the strength to do little things here and there.  I hope my strength returns to full soon - this is just not me.  I find myself planning out day to day things to do that I used to be able to do all in one day but now have to cover four or five so I can accomplish them.  Tomorrow I will go to the store for the prime rib roast.  Tuesday I will probably set the table for Christmas Eve.  Wednesday I will go to the store for the Christmas Eve food and then Thursday will be tidying up and making the food.  I have no special story yet for the Christmas Eve program nor a little gift to go along with it.  Maybe this year will have to be the year of no special story...I'm just glad to be feeling well enough to have Christmas Eve at our home.

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Cindy said...

Let it go. One year won't hurt to not have a special story or ornament. Take care of yourself. It sounds like you are on the mend, it's just going to take awhile. Be patient. I think it's great you are even going to have everyone over for Cmas Eve! It will all be lovely no matter what.