Monday, January 18, 2010

I Feel So Violated

Since I didn't have to go to work today because of MLK day and Melon Man didn't have to be to work until 1 p.m., we decided to get up and go to breakfast at The Coral.  It was coldish and drizzling.  Yay!  We threw some clothes on and headed out to the truck.  As we got in, I noticed that the console in the center between the two front seats was slightly open and some of the stuff that was in it was out near the gear shift.  I looked at Melon Man and asked why that stuff was out.  He was like, "I don't know."  I replied that I hadn't done it and he was the last one to drive the truck yesterday when he had to go back to church for his meeting.

All of a sudden, I realized what was probably now missing from the console...our GPS system.  I flung open the top of the console and sure enough, it was gone.  Nothing else was gone that I could see - just that.  Dang.  I checked for the garage door opener - it was still there.  I checked for the truck registration - good.  I asked Melon Man if he locked the truck door yesterday when he came home and he said he thought so, but wasn't sure. 

I've never had anything like this happen to me - where someone comes into my own private space and steals something of mine.  I guess I should call the police and file a report.  I'm sure we'll never see it again, but they still should know about the theft for tracking.  I just feel so violated.  Now I truly know how Jen and her family felt when they had their van broken into while they were here for Easter last year.  Even though I don't think ours was "broken into" like theirs was, someone we don't know still was in our private space and stole something of ours that we had worked for.

Now I have to spend time researching all the GPS systems out there again and find one that has good reviews, the features I want, and isn't overly expensive.  Drat.

Update:  I did call the police and they came by and took the report.  They asked if I had the serial number for the unit and luckily, I had kept the box and the serial number was right on it.  They said it was very unlikely they would ever catch the person who took it, but in case they ever did, I would need to go to court against the person if I signed the victim's rights statement.  I said that was fine with me and signed.

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Lisa Tucker said...

I know you feel. It really is invasion of privacy. Good think that is only one thing that they took.